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GSE Inflammation Process

About Acute phase Inflammation Response

ACUTE PHASE inflammation is the body's immediate, necessary and appropriate response to infection or injury - occuring within minutes to hours

Mechanism of Acute Inflammatory Phase

–   Without inflammation, infections would go unchecked and wounds would never heal including those from trauma, surgery, burns;


–   Symptoms - the damage site becomes red, swollen and warm, with possible loss of function, as healing mechanisms are initiated.


–   Repair the damage - fibroblasts manufacture the extracellular matrix (ECM) and collagen to repair damaged connective tissue


–   Acute inflammation response is designed to work best in a well-nourished person with a mild to moderate injury /infection over a short period of time.

Chronic Low-Level Inflammation

(Prolonged, unresolved inflammation causes ongoing tissue damage and related problems, sometimes, but not always, manifesting as pain)

When injury / infection continues and/or the problem is not resolved within a few days, it becomes a chronic inflammatory response

Some problems are felt almost immediately - such as pain in joints, others “fester behind the scenes”unnoticed until inflammatory damage reveals itself as a diagnosed health problem, such as a heart attack, diabetes or asthma.

Health problems linked with chronic low-level inflammation

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