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Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Around Us

Natural EMFs (Energy Sources)

“Everything in life is vibration” - Albert Einstein


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   Sun’s Electromagnetic Radiation

   Earth’s Geomagnetic Field

   Atmospheric Disturbances

   The Schumann Resonance Field


   Negative Oxygen Ions




Sun’s Electromagnetic Radiation


      The sun radiates an electromagnetic spectrum into space over a range of frequencies - from zero frequency (a static field) to trillions of cycles per second, which electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) we have named:


         Radio waves



         Visible light



         Gamma rays



      The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength (the distance between one wave and the next)  and the greater the amount of energy in the field –


         Microwave frequency fields ( with wavelengths of several inches) - have enough energy to cause heating in conducting material.


         UV light - is capable of causing sunburn.


         Higher frequencies like X-rays and gamma rays -  cause ionization (the breaking of molecular bonds), which can damage genetic material.


      The narrow band of visible light represents 43% of the sun’s total radiant energy emitted - Only the visible, radio, near infrared, and some UV electromagnetic radiation frequencies are able to reach Earth’s surface from space.




      Sunlight  (Sun’s visible, UV and NIR frequencies)


-       Shining directly on the body - visible light, ultraviolet and infrared rays can enter the body through its well established acupuncture points on the skin, and through the eyes, which are especially electrically conductive.


-       Plants store the sun’s energy via photosynthesis – we can receive the sun’s energy by eating plants.  The greater the capacity of a plant to store light, the greater its nutritional health value. Organic, uncooked, fresh vegetables, fruits, algae, grasses and herbs, free-range eggs (from hens feeding on greens), and essential oils, all contain high sun-energy. Flaxseed and spirulina are especially high in light-energy, as are raw nuts and seeds and grains. It is the sun’s energy in plants that is utilized in aromatherapy, flower essences and homeopathy.



Earth’s Geomagnetic Field


      The geomagnetic field, a dipole static electromagnetic field, is considered to be mostly caused by electric currents in the liquid outer core -  and not as previously thought, by the earth’s spinning core of molten iron.


-       The Earth's geomagnetic field strength is extremely stable - averaging about 0.5 gauss. (a measure of the response of a medium to the presence of a magnetic field). Its daily change in strength is less than 0.1 gauss, which compared with the 200-gauss strength of the magnet that holds your refrigerator door closed, seems negligible. 


-       About 10% of the surface magnetic field is due to processes in Earth's atmosphere


-       The geomagnetic field fluctuates with pulsations - due to plasma waves (from the solar system and beyond) interacting with the Earth's magnetosphere.




      Geomagnetic Field distorted by Solar Wind and the Sun’s Electromagnetic Radiation


-       Solar Wind – The Sun constantly emits a steady stream of highly charged positive and negative particles, called the “solar wind”.


-       The Magnetosphere - Earth's geomagnetic field protects Earth from the onslaught of solar energy fields and solar winds, causing a distortion to its field, a complex EMF called the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere represents the combination of the sun’s energy and the geomagnetic field, with its edge being delineated by the ionosphere.



Atmospheric Disturbances


      Mostly due to:

         Low-frequency oscillating EMFs from thunderstorms -with most effect from equatorial zones of Central Africa and the Amazon basin


      To  a lesser degree:


         Solar magnetic storms - in years of high activity of 11-yr solar sunspot cycle

         Earthquakes  - seismic wave energy from stress in rock


The Schumann Resonance Field

(Earth’s background base frequency or “heartbeat”)


      The Schumann Resonanace Field can be visualized as a standing wave trapped in the cavity between Earth's surface and the inner edge of the ionosphere  (about 150 miles or more above the earth) - The ionosphere is the part of the atmosphere that is ionized by solar radiation.


-       Nikola Tesla called the Schumann field an energetic matrix for the life on Earth


         A magnetic field that stores information - Note that we too use magnetic fields for storage E.g.  audio/video tapes, computer disks etc.


       The fundamental (lowest and most intense)  Schumann frequency is about the same as that of alpha brain waves - those produced by the brain in a relaxed state. (When people are irritable, they produce higher frequencies).




      NASA installs Schumann Resonance devices on spacecraft -  recognizing its requirement for health in space.





Our environmental EMF changes according to our Location relative to the Magnetosphere -The earth rotates on a day /night cycle within the complex magnetosphere, which remains fixed in space, with one side always facing the sun. Thus, any given spot on the surface of the Earth is continually experiencing a different part of the magnetosphere’s magnetic field. It is the daily rise and fall in the strength of this field at that spot on earth where we are, which affects our biological rhythms.


The Schumann Field modulates daily with the earth-ionosphere cavity changes -The sun does not ionize the atmosphere on the dark side of the earth at which location some of the ionosphere disappears, forming again at sunrise.  The cavity is thus not symmetrical and undergoes a daily modulation, which in turn affects the Schumann field.



      The Schumann Resonances (SRs) - Electromagnetic impulses, and particularly electromagnetic waves produced by lightning discharges inside the earth-ionosphere cavity, fill the cavity, creating the so-called Schumann Resonances:


-       These average frequencies start at 7.8 Hz and progress by approximately 5.9 Hz. overtones (7.8, 13.7, 19.6, 25.5, 31.4, 37.3, 43.2, 49.1 and 55 Hz.)


-       These SR frequencies can vary by geological location and are determined by the cavity size - E.g. The fundamental Schumann frequency fluctuates between 7.0 Hz. and 8.5 Hz.


-       The magnitude and frequency of the SRs are also affected by natural interruptions - such as lightening. Most lightning occurs over land, and lightning centers move from north to south and back over the course of a year. Also, lightning and rainfall is affected by long-term climate oscillations.  Worldwide, there are an estimated 100 lightning strikes per second, each producing .5 - 1 Ampere, which collectively account for the measured current flow in the Earth's electromagnetic cavity.


-       SRs are not caused by anything internal to the Earth, its crust or its core



SR Data measured at Arrival Heights, Antarctica (AH), Sondrestromfjord,

Greenland (SS), and Stanford, California (SU)


      SRs are measured at various locations on Earth


-       Notice the spikes produced by the European and U.S. power supply networks at 50 and 60 Hz


-       At SU, modulation frequencies at 30 and 90 Hz. result from non-linearities of the power transmission system


-       All sites have 82 Hz. produced by a Russian submarine communication system


-       A variety of other spectral peaks of unknown origin occur - Eight earth-ionosphere cavity resonances can be distinguished. Notice how the amplitude of the resonances decreases with frequency.




      Water, water everywhere, but not a lot for us - Only 3% of Earth's water is fresh water, of which  2% is frozen in icecaps and much of the remaining 1% is inaccessible, deep in the Earth. 98% of what is left is used in industry and agriculture, leaving the rest for every living organism. (The human body is ~70% water and sap is ~90%). 


      Water can carry energy necessary for our health - Natural energy (e.g. the geomagnetic field, sunlight) can be transferred to water, causing its molecules to take an orderly, crystal-like form, which can change shape. Thus, information from a natural energy source can be held in the crystal’s structure. Water from a deep well or a bubbling mountain stream, or distilled water (empty of energy) exposed to positive thoughts (such as love and gratitude), prayer or soothing music contains structure. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher and author of "The Message from Water", captured the images of water shown here using a device called a magnetic resonance analyzer.  Dr. David Schweitzer, grandson of Albert Schweitzer, was the first scientist to photograph the effects of thoughts, captured in water.


(Note: the water used in these pictures was frozen before taking the pictures)




Water Memory Transfer

The theory of water memory transfer  was established by the late Dr. Linus Pauling, who won the Nobel Prize for Biochemistry. In 1999 scientists at the European Union Physics laboratory in France were able to prove that water transfers memory via covalent bonding.


Think how we can utilize this phenomenon,

given that the body consists of about 70% water


(The brain is 85%, blood is 90%, muscles are 75%, the liver is 82%, even our bones are 22% water)


      On the down-side, unnatural or negative energy can cause water to lose its structure - as for example, when water is polluted or chemically treated, exposed to negative emotions, or heavy metal rock music.


      Experiments by Dr. Emoto - Samples of water were collected from different areas of the world. Water from each location was divided and placed into petri dishes. Various words were written and taped to the samples. The samples were then frozen, and viewed through a microscope at magnifications of 200-500X. Results were fully repeatable.




“Water behaves more like a sensitive animal rather than an inconsequential fluid.”

-          Dr. Emoto            




Negative Oxygen Ions (NOIs)


      A Negative Oxygen Ion is an Oxygen molecule or atom with an EXTRA ELECTRON - Sufficient energy acting upon a molecule, such as carbon dioxide, water, oxygen or nitrogen, can knock an electron away from that molecule. The displaced electron then attaches to a nearby oxygen molecule forming a negatively-charged oxygen ion ( NOI), another instance of an energy carrying EMF.


-       Sunlight - photons ionize stable oxygen in the air.


-       Cosmic rays


-       Natural background radiation - from the breakdown of trace amounts of radioactive isotopes in the environment are a major source of NOIs.  During break down, the various radioactive isotopes commonly emit high energy (fast) electrons, protons, and alpha particles.  As these high energy particles pass through the air they have many thousands of collisions with air molecules breaking them up into positive and negative ions


-       Mountains, Pine Trees, Sea, Waterfalls    



Sound Waves


      Natural EMFs, which can produce electric currents in the body.



         Crashing surf

         Falling rain

         Bird songs

         Dolphin calls

         Other acoustical therapy



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