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GSE ED Solutions

Solutions to Overcome Estrogen Dominance (ED)

The objective is to REBALANCE your hormone levels

--- and NOT to RESTORE your levels to those of a person in their 20s or 30s - E.g. A menopausal woman no longer needs the higher hormone levels required for reproduction.

–    For Women - Rebalance the ratio of Estrogen to PROGESTERONE


–    For men - Rebalance the ratio of Estrogen to TESTOSTERONE, DHT and other androgens

How to we go about rebalancing hormones?

Men and women - Estrogen levels can be lowered by lifestyle changes and can also be countered using PROGESTERONE therapy.

(1) Reduce Estrogen levels - Our overall estrogen levels (in men and women) are too high, typically as a consequence of obesity, environmental xenoestrogens, over-consumption of alcohol and poor liver function.

Reduce Estrogen Levels

(2) Increase PROGESTERONE - without enough “opposing” PROGESTERONE , estrogen levels stay unnaturally high.

Increase PROGESTERONE Levels

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