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Estrogen Dominance (ED)



The term “Estrogen Dominance”was coined by Dr. John R. Lee, an author, expert and pioneer in the study and use of PROGESTERONE and androgen supplementation to restore hormonal balance.


Estrogen dominance (ED) refers to a condition in the body where estrogen presence is out of balance with (i.e. unopposed by) other hormones - ED encompasses several unpleasant symptoms and maladies including:

✔ Anxiety, mood swings, confusion, depression, irritability;

✔ Tiredness;

✔ Headaches;

✔ Fluid Retention;

✔ Breast Tenderness, FDB, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, BPH, reproductive organ cancers (e.g. breast, ovarian, endometrial, prostate);

✔ Weight Gain

What is causing ED?

–    ED can be caused either by excessive intake or production of estrogen or insufficient intake or production of other hormones, such as TESTOSTERONE and PROGESTERONE - It is important to grasp the concept that it is not so much the actual levels of hormones in the body, so much as their levels relative to other hormones present.

–   ED is commonly seen in women as they progress through menopause and beyond - since PROGESTERONE levels drop more drastically than estrogen levels, creating a relative imbalance favoring estrogen. Also, a vicious cycle presents, whereby ED promotes fat storage, and fat cells produce more estrogen.

–   In aging men, estrogen levels increase /TESTOSTERONE and PROGESTERONE levels decrease - as TESTOSTERONE levels generally decline with age, and the often increasing number of fat cells convert TESTOSTERONE to estrogen. Also weak testes produce less PROGESTERONE

–   Without ovulation, there is no ovarian corpus luteum to produce PROGESTERONE, and a PROGESTERONE deficiency ensues - Any estrogen present remains unopposed, yielding several unwantedside effects. Unfortunately, maladies such as water retention, weight gain, fatigue and depression are sometimes diagnosed as separate problems and treated individually, when actually, they are symptoms of a person with too much estrogen relative to other hormones.

Today, research is showing that many women in their 30s and even younger are sometimes not ovulating during their menstrual cycle.

Lee, John R., M.D., Natural PROGESTERONE: The Multiple Role of a Remarkable Hormone, BLL Publishing, California, USA, 1993, p.29.1

Those of us living in the developed world are “bathed in a continuous sea”of estrogen and are all likely facing hormonal imbalances resulting in estrogen dominance - A few of the reasons why ED is becoming so commonplace in both women and men are listed below, but for more detailed information:

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