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GSE Alternative Treatments for Inflammation - Short-term Relief

Short-term Relief from inflammation / Pain

Also see: Long-Term Anti-inflammatory Treatment

Topical Anti-inflammatories

Ice.   If possible, apply ice to affected area - 10-15 mins every 1-2 hours

Comfrey Oil.    Not only anti-inflammatory, comfrey builds collagen, which helps heal bruises, burns, wrinkles, damaged muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones; use as comfrey leaf/root oil or leaf poutice (mash fresh leaves in a processor and place inside muslim or thin cloth and cover with plastic; alternatively if possible place


Mainstream anti-inflammatory "Meds"

Statins, NSAIDS (aspirin), prednisone /corticosteroids   (can cause osteoporosis, cataracts, diabetes, Cushings syndrome)


Polyphenols for short-term anti-inflammatory symptomatic relief

Polyphenols are strong anti-inflammatories and antioxidants found in high amounts in certain foods, spices and herbs

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