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TOXIC METALS - Detox "Tools" - How to remove toxic metals from the body

Toxic Metal Detox “Tools”

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Toxic metals in the body

These are some methods for removing toxic metals from body tissues:

✔ Sauna -protects kidneys during detoxification by elimination through skin; increases circulation to bring metals to lymph and out through skin

✔ Coffee enema

✔ Vitamin C

✔ Higher than normal physiological dose Iodine - promotes excretion over base-line of cadmium, lead, aluminum and mercury (also halogens bromide and fluoride)

How to Supplement Iodine

(Lugol's Solution recommended)

Some studies involving iodine for removal of toxic metals:


✔ Minerals - any chelation protocol requires supplemental minerals and physiologicaltrace metals to replace those taken out along with the toxic metals

Magnesium- protects cells from aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium and nickel

Mg -Detoxifies toxic metals and other toxins

Transdermal Magnesium Chloride or Nebulizing Magnesium

Calcium and zinc - cadmium antagonist s

Sulfur –mercury and copper antagonists; found in meat, egg yolks, vegetables in the cabbage, radish, garlic and onion families

Selenium and zinc - mercury antagonists

✔ Vegetable Fiber (slows intestinal transit time to allow more time to absorb metals) –a handful of studies support the role of fiber in enhancing the elimination of methylmercury from the body.

✔ DMSA Shows promise as an effective mercury chelator, but not in the brain;

✔ ALA is a potentially effective chelating agent, and does have the ability to access the central and peripheral nervous system E.g. the brain

Rooney JP.The role of thiols, dithiols, nutritional factors and interacting ligands in the toxicology of mercury. Toxicology. 2007 Mar 1;

✔ EDTA chelation by I.V. or Bio-chelat®??? - also removes vital minerals, only reaches metals in blood and in tissues near large blood vessels unless using repeated treatments, which further deplete body's essential minerals; there are several metals that chelation does not remove.

✔ Zeolites???

✔ Humifulvate???

✔ Chlorella / Chlorophyll???

Silver dental amalgams containing mercury should be removed by a holistic/biological dentist- with the concurrent use of a toxic metal detoxification protocol.

Avoid taking in any more toxic metals;


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