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Not Enough Natural Energy


Not Enough Natural Energy

Earth's geomagnetic field, spiritual energy and solar energies, such as sunlight or foods grown in the sun, provide vibrational energy to enhance cellular energy production

The combination of the various energy fields affecting the Earth can be viewed as a stiff jelly - When our bodies move and vibrate, these movements are transmitted to the environment, and vice versa –these fields affect the electric charges inside our bodies.

All living organisms utilize natural, weak, magnetic and vibrating electromagnetic fields -to convey life–sustaining information, from the environment to itself, within the organism and between organisms. An organism has the physical structures within its cells that are able to sense, convert, store and transmit certain energy frequencies to facilitate its organization and growth control. These energies can be from spiritual, electric, acoustic, magnetic, mechanical or thermal sources. Naturally absorbed energy increases the Cell “battery”, which powers movement of ingredients into and out of the cell necessary for cellular energy production, enabling the cell to do its job effectively.

–   Lack of Spiritual Connections Deprives us of the Ultimate Energy Source Provided by Our Creator

–   We have Become Disconnected from the Sunlight - With our fluorescent lights, indoor lifestyles, glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, tanning lotions.


–   We eat too many processed, refined, cooked foods, and foods grown using pesticides and herbicides - These all deplete the sun's inherent natural energy in our food. Lacking in electrons, these foods do not promote efficient cellular energy production, and cut off our ability to “tune–in”and receive(resonate with) the beneficial energy of the sun.

–   We are out of touch with Nature -High energy, negatively–charged oxygen ions are found in greater quantity, for example, in fresh air, in the countryside, in the mountains and at the seaside.


–   Our Treated and Piped–In Water Supply is Energetically Dead - Chemically–treated municipal water contains no naturally beneficial energy. Even water from natural sources, e.g. a deep well, is partially stripped of its naturally vibrating electrons (resonating with the Earth's geomagnetic field) when forced unnaturally through pipes.


–   Lack of Emotional and Mental Stability Depletes our Energy Supplies and Blocks the Body's Energy Pathways - This takes its toll on the immune system. Long or short term emotional issues can block energy flow in the body. Examples include a past or present abusive relationship, feeling unworthy, harboring resentment, a traumatic war experience, grief, anger, jealousy, heartbreak etc.


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