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The bottom-line in any ill health is that the body's Cells do not produce enough Energy

✔ If your cells make 10% less energy than normal, you will feel tired and sluggish

✔ If energy production falls too far, you will rapidly deteriorate, and then die

Examples of energy uses in your body

–    Cellular energy is used for all bodily functions -forexample, to pump blood through the heart, to digest food, to produce nerve impulses, to make muscles contract.

–    Immune system cells need energy to deal with and remove waste products, toxins, invading microbes (bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi) and cancer cells from the body.

–    Sufficient cellular energy keeps blood cells from clumping together - When red blood cells are clumped together, oxygen absorption is decreased because of the reduced surface area, and therefore energy production is reduced. Notice the vicious circle.

–    “In-house”Cellular Functions Require Energy - not only to remove cellular waste, but also for cellular regeneration, to keep the body vital and looking younger.


How do our Cells Make Energy? - To understand how our cells make energy, see:

How do cells Produce Energy

Why are our Cells not producing Enough Energy? - We are not getting enough of the "ingredients" that our cells require to make energy:

Not Enough Oxygen

Not Enough Vitamins / Minerals

Not Eating the Right Fats

Not Enough Natural Energy


Too Many "Invaders"


Poor "Nutritional status" inherited from parents

(E.g. if either parent has candida, it will be passed to their baby via parental germ cells during conception)

Questions to Ask if you are Feeling Fatigued

Questions to ask if Fatigued

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