location of bladder and zoom of bladder lining

Interstitial Cystitis (IC) - "Razor-blades" in the bladder!

Affects both men and women, boys and girls

What is IC?

IC begins with the irritation and eventual erosion of the interstitial lining of the bladder.  Consequently, the interstitial tissue in the space between the normally-protective bladder lining and the bladder muscle becomes chronically inflamed. This manifests as pelvic pain, and a frequent, urgent feeling, described as a “hot poker” on the bladder wall or “razor blades in the bladder”.

pinpoint bleeding on bladder wall

Pin-point bleeding (glomerulations).   Diagnostic cytoscopy with hydrodistention shows tiny hemorrhages on the bladder lining as a result of the damaged interstitial tissue.

Tiny ulcers.   The lining can deteriorate to the point of becoming ulcerated. The resulting so called Hunner's ulcers are super-sensitive and extremely aggravated by overly-acidic urine.