Heal Yourself At Home


Bruises and Contusions (Bruised bones) Treatments

What are bruises and contusions?



      Skin becomes decolorized as the result of damaging trauma – adjacent blood vessel ruptures, leaking blood into the surrounding skin tissue


      Symptoms in damaged area:


         Becomes red with a bluish hue


         Localized pain  


      Home remedies are effective healing mechanisms – usually speeding up the healing process, but still may take months to heal bruised bones


Bone bruises (Contusions)


      A bone bruise is damage to a bone – usually consequential to blunt trauma or injury; similar to a fracture  or soft tissue bruise


      A bone bruise heals more slowly than a regular bruise


      Can be diagnosed by X-ray and MRI


      General Treatment for a bone bruise


         Apply ice pack – to help reduce swelling by constricting blood vessels; the quicker you do this, the less swelling is likely to occur


         Manganese in fresh pineapple helps speed the healing of broken bones – manganese is a cofactor for bone-healing enzymes; additionally, pineapple is a good source of vitamin C and the natural anti-inflammatory bromelain.


         Avoid stress on the bruised area – if close to a joint you may need a brace.


         Take NSAID pain medication -  E.g aspirin, ibuprofen to reduce pain/inflammation/swelling


         No tobacco/nicotine – a good blood flow is needed for healing, nicotine constricts blood vesssels


         Bone bruises can take months for complete healing

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