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Breakfast Menu - Utilizing Healthy-promoting Flaxseed

Breakfast Menu

Flaxseed Breakfast Cereal

•  1 ½- 2 TABLEspoons FRESH-GROUND organic, golden flaxseed - optionally mix into a thin bed of lightly honey-sweetened or unsweetened granola (preferably home-made); provides omega-3, fiber to keep you regular and phytoestrogens for hormone balance.

•  Handful of walnuts (preferably organic) - adds omega-3;

•  1 –2 TABLEspoons organic Shredded coconut (optional)

•  ½TEAspoon cinnamon (great anti-inflammatory “tool”)

•  ORGANIC Berries on topE.g. blueberries, raspberries, chopped strawberries or ½banana

•  Yogurt “Milk”

Yogurt “Milk”

▲  Blend with electric "stick" blender or in small food processor:


✔ 1/3 CUP Organic, plain, low-fat Stoneyfield Yogurt (has high probiotic count)


✔  ½- ¾ TEAspoon NATURAL vanilla or almond essence


✔  ½ -1 TEAspoon(s) RAW (unprocessed), ORGANIC honey


✔ Good pinch of Celtic or Himalayan salt (trace minerals and taste)


✔ 2/3 CUP (or to preference) Cold Spring Water



Poached or Boiled Egg w/toast

•  Lightly poached or boiled organic egg from pastured hens(meaning they actually ran around outside on soil)

•  ½ a piece of buttered toast(using butter from grass-fed cows) –E.g. Lurpak™, Anchor™or Kerrygold™Even better if you can obtain organic butter from grass-fed cows

•  Celtic or himalayan salt (trace minerals and taste, don't be afraid to use this type of salt!)

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