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How to make Yogurt Cream cheese and whey

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For a healthier substitute for cream cheese, that tastes the same yet contains probiotics, this super easy recipe is for you - an added bonus is that you will have some whey for use in other recipes or as an acid medium for soaking grains. We are reminded that whey is a byproduct of cheese-making.


  1. Line a large sieve with a thin tea towel or cheesecloth.
  2. Place a large bowl under the sieve.
  3. Pour any amount of unsweetened, plain, probiotic-rich yogurt into the towel. The whey will drip into the bowl
  4. After an hour or so, find a way to suspend the cloth over the bowl to get out as much whey as possible
  5. When the yogurt stops dripping, it's done. Takes ~4 hours for a quart of yogurt, which produces ~3 cups of whey and 1 cup of yogurt cheese.
  6. Yogurt cheese lasts 1-4 weeks and the whey lasts up to 6 months

Need just a little "cream cheese"? or need some whey in a hurry? - Put a few tablespoons of yogurt onto a coffee filter on top of a jar, and in an hour or less you’ll have some yogurt cheese for your toast, and enough whey to soak your oatmeal for the next day.

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