Heal Yourself At Home
Warming Socks Treatment

Warming Socks Treatment

Extremely Effective and Easy treatment for:

Almost any problem involving congestion or infection in the upper body or head

E.g. Colds, Headaches, Sore Throats, Ear Infections, Some Insomnia cases

General immune stimulation -when used on a regular basis.


1.You must warm your feet first before you begin this treatment – otherwise treatment will not be as effective and could be harmful. Soak in warm water for 5 minutes.

2.Take a pair of cotton socks and wet the portion covering the feet with cold water - wring the socks out so they are damp, but not dripping.

3.Place the cold socks on your feet - cover these with thick wool socks. Go to bed wrapped up well with a warm blanket. Avoid getting chilled.

4.DO NOT remove socks in the middle of the night - it will ruin the effectiveness of the treatment. Your socks will be dry in the morning. Many report that they sleep much better during this treatment.

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