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Earth Therapy

Earth Therapy

Earth's Natural EMFs

Magnetosphere.    The Earth is surrounded by a complex electromagnetic field, the combined effect of the Earth's Geomagnetic field, solar winds and the sun's electromagnetic radiation.

Take advantage of the geomagnetic field by lying East-West as you sleep to kill microbes in the body.    Geomagnetic field is strong enough to affect a compass. When blood moves perpendicular to this field, it causes a current to flow. Your bed should therefore lie E-W so that the blood passes through the earth's magnetic field perpendicularly as it flows from head to toe and back, to produce the maximum possible electric current. Minute electric currents in blood have been proven to disable microbes.

U.S. Patent 5,188,738 Kaali, et. al. * Feb. 23, 1993

How Does blood flow from head to toe?

Ascending aorta --> Aortic arch --> Descending aorta --> Thoracic aorta

--> Abdominal aorta -->L. Common Iliac artery --> L. External Iliac artery

--> L. Femoral artery --> L. Popliteal artery --> L. Anterior Tibial artery

--> L. Medial Plantar artery --> BIG TOE --> L. Anterior Tibial vein

--> L. Great Saphenous vein OR L. Femoral vein --> L. External Iliac vein

--> L. Common Iliac vein --> Inferior vena cava

Schumann Field.   The Earth has a background base frequency, which can be visualized as a standing wave in the cavity between the Earth's surface and the lower ionosphere ~150 miles above. It is formed by electrical impulses, and in particular by the lightning strikes going on throughout the world. The fundamental Schumann resonance frequency varies by location and is in the range of 7 Hz. - 8.5 Hz., the same as the alpha brain waves produced when in a relaxed state.

Negative Oxygen Ions.    Energy-carrying EMFs are produced by oxygen ions which become negatively-charged in areas of natural activity (E.g. near waterfalls, oceans, mountains), from sunlight photons colliding with oxygen molecules, and from natural background radiation.

Nature's Sounds.   When you hear those birds chirping, or crashing waves - yes you guessed it - more natural EMFS.

For more information on these EMFs:

Natural EMFs

Natural EMFs have therapeutic effects that we inherently experience every day.

Provide Body's Clock.    Individual cells and entire organisms have the ability to sense daily cycles in the Earth's natural electromagnetic radiation, and to use it to control the major bio-rhythms of the body. Our vertical, antenna-like spinal columns and cranial structures receive EMF signals, focuses them to the brain's light-sensitive pineal gland, which then relays the environmental information via the hypothalamus as a direction to the pituitary gland (the brain's main control center). E.g. By discerning between night and day, time-appropriate activities can be initiated, such as hormonal changes to induce sleep.

Earth-to-Body Connections.    Earth's electromagnetic energy is usually absorbed through the feet at a point on the sole near the upper center of the foot. Walking barefoot would seem to be a way to maximize the absorption of Earth's energy. Lying on the ground is another way of recharging

Affect Cell Functions.    Carl Blackman, Ph.D., a biophysicist at the U.S. EPA, has shown that not only are cells sensitive to specific ELF frequncies, but the effects are modulated by the strength of the local geomagnetic field (which is ~0.5 Gauss).

Brain and Nerve Function.   Nerve electromagnetism with frequencies from 0 to 25 Hz. activates muscles, brain, heart and breathing. The Schumann Field frequencies are "in tune" with the brain's alpha and theta states.

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