Heal Yourself at Home

Heal Yourself at Home - Well researched alternatives to mainstream medicine

Well-researched alternatives to mainstream medical treatments

Address the cause of your health problems . . .

Not just the symptoms.  These manifest as the body's best efforts to defend and heal itself from the actual problem, such as infection, trauma, deficiencies, excesses or other stresses:

• Fever / inflammation.  Isolate, heat up and destroy infective agents or foreign matter. Having a temperature opens skin pores to allow toxins to leave the body via sweating.

• Pain.  Forces you to immobilize problem areas.

• Discharges.  The cough is a protective mechanism to clear breathing passages. Diarrhea speeds up removal of pathogens and toxins.

• High blood pressure.  Ensures essential movement of blood.

Treating only symptoms no more cures their underlying health problems than turning off your oil pressure warning light in a car fixes a low oil pressure problem

Use Cures that . . .

•    Are not toxic to the body

•    Work with and do not tear down the body's inherent health-protective systems

Why so many health problems today? 

To understand WHY we are now experiencing all manner of health problems in epidemic proportions:

How to restore vibrant health

In our world, health doesn't just happen on its own. If you are serious about living well --- not just living, this site provides some down-to-earth tools to help you with that goal.

Suggestions for alternative treatment therapies for specific health problems - - - maybe some you've never of heard of:

And just for fun . . .


Attend to Diet, Lifestyle & Emotional State

N E W  S T A R T S

C-Reactive Protein - Reliable Inflammation Marker
hot flame


Chronic low-level inflammation (CLII) involved in almost all health problems

How to treat CLII

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT)


       "The medical kit of the future"

The Body Electric

General electrotherapy health benefits.   Used systemically and/or locally at specific problem areas of the body, its effective application has many benefits:

Detoxification Wellness / Healthy aging Pain relief 
Relief from insomnia Immune system restoral Anti-Inflammatory
Maximizes cellular energy production Accelerated tissue /bone
/scar healing
Stress Reduction
Muscle relaxation / rehabilitation Increased blood oxygen
/ circulation

There are several reasonably affordable electrotherapy devices available for personal use. The following electrotherapies are those that have received a significant amount of positive feedback:

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) applies specific frequency patterns to the head area, with the following benefits:

Balances neurotransmitters Relieves pain Treats depression
Substance abuse withdrawal Relieves insomnia Relieve stress / anxiety
Anti-Inflammatory Fibromyalgia +++