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Transdermal Magnesium (deals with magnesium / hormone DHEA hormone deficiency, which can be involved in tinnitus)

-  Noise exposure causes magnesium to be excreted from the body - and noise significantly reduces magnesium levels in the inner ear fluid 

Mocci F, Canalis P, Tomasi PA, Casu F, Pettinato S. The effect of noise on serum and urinary magnesium and catecholamines in humans.

-   A 1994 study of 300 male military recruits undergoing 2 months basic training found that 167 mg daily magnesium relieved Tinnitus symptoms, when the recruits were repeatedly exposed to high levels of impulse noises. In comparison, the group receiving the placebo after exposure suffered permanent hearing loss more severely and more frequently.

Attias J, Weisa G, Almog S, et al. Oral Magnesium Intake Reduced Permanent Hearing Loss Induced by Noise Exposure. Am J Otolaryngology 1994; 15-26-32.

-   The journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine reported that a combination of both antioxidant vitamins (A,C and E) and magnesium may help prevent noise-induced hearing loss. after tests with guinea pigs exposed to 5 hours of decibels similar to jet engine take-off noise. Magnesium and vitamin A, C and E were given separately and together one hour before and 5 days after exposure. The combination group had significantly less hearing loss and sensory cell death compared to the placebo or the just magnesium or antioxidant groups.

Le Prell CG, Hughes LF, Miller JM. Free radical scavengers vitamins A, C, and E plus magnesium reduce noise trauma. Free Radic Biol Med. 2007; 42(9):1454-1463

MELATONIN - Supplementation Benefits

Ozone Therapy (Ear insufflation);

White noise / Cover up noise;

Reduce stress;


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