Heal Yourself At Home

Alternative treatment options for COPD

Avoid irritants

✔   Stop smoking or breathing second-hand smoke

✔   Minimize occupational exposure to pollutants

Nebulize anti-infective "Medicine"

✔   Use a nebulizer to deliver an alternative antimicrobial medicine directly into the lungs - choices of alternative antibiotics include ionic colloidal silver, grapefruit seed extract, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, magnesium chloride, glutathione and others;

Alternative medicines administered via a nebulizer

Ensure body contains sufficient Magnesium and Vitamin D

The fastest way to increase magnesium presence in your body is to apply magnesium chloride oil (MCO) transdermally:

Transdermal Magnesium Chloride

The best way to increase body's vitamin D levels is to take a sunbath:

How to obtain Vitamin D

Taking a Sunbath for Vitamin D

Ensure anti-inflammatory components in your diet and Lifestyle

Inflammation Medication

Especially Omega-3:

How to obtain Omega-3

Attend to health of Mucus membranes

✔  Keep well hydrated - drink enough water; also breathing water vapor helps loosen mucus and makes breathing easier

✔  Ensure sufficient dietary/supplementary antioxidants - to counter inflammation by reducing free radicals

✔  Herbs to soothe and lubricate mucus membranes - include slippery elm, marshmallow, licorice, mullein

✔  Consume zinc-rich foods - especially  pumpkin seeds

✔  Nebulizing moistens mucus membranes

✔  Proteolytic enzymes - E.g. bromain, papain and serrapeptase all reduce inflammation, but serrapeptase especially helps break down excessive mucus


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