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Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar Fasciitis (aka. plantar heel pain syndrome, heel spur syndrome, runner's heel or painful heel syndrome) is a degenerative, commonly inflammatory condition of the plantar fascia felt as discomfort / pain under the heel of the foot.

–   The plantar fascia is a non-elastic ligament, comprised of thick fibrous connective tissue (fascia) extending from heel to toes - which creates the arch of the foot and hasan important role in the mechanical function of the foot affecting gait

–   Collagen is the main component of the plantar fascia which contains closely packed bundles of collagen fibers forming a wavy pattern parallel to the direction of pull having great tensile strength

–   Pain is consequential to an abnormality or injury to the plantar fascia - causing traction beyond its stretching ability, usually where it is attached to and pulls away from the heel bone (calcaneus). The otherend of the plantar fascia splays and attaches to the metatarsal bones at the ball of the foot

As the foot flattens, the plantar fascia stretches and begins to pull away from the heel causing pain.

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