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GSE Multple Sclerosis and Alternate Treatments

About Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS is a chronic autoimmune disease of the central nervous system - in which the body's own (usually defensive) immune system attacks the protective tissues surrounding the nerves

–   MS causes inflammation and the “patchy” destruction of myelin - which surrounds nerve fibers and acts like insulation on a wire preventing “short-circuits”. Demyelination interferes with nerve impulse transmission (i.e. their ability tocommunicate properly);


–   Nerve fiber scarring and progressive disability - is a consequence of continual demyelination and remyelination, which can affect physical and cognitive abilities. Symptoms, progression, and severity vary fromperson to person.

–   MS typically diagnosed in young adults between age 20 and age 40 - women are twice as likely to develop MS than men.

–   MS is not considered fatal and those diagnosed commonly have unaffected life spans - ~400,000 people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with MS.

Good References for MS patients

Stealth Pathogens – book by Lida Mattman to see the evidence for Borreli causing M.S. Only two pages reference M.S., but the book is a wealth of information on the type of bacteria which causes M.S.

Wellness Secrets For Life - book by A. True Ott, PhD. Has a list of minerals that can be used to repair damaged myelin sheath.

The China Study - has a chapter on autoimmune diseases, which includes a section on MS. This study found a very high correlation between milk and the occurrence of M.S.

Wellness Secrets For Life - An Owner's Manual For The Human Body - by Dr. True Ott, PhD of Mother Earth minerals. This book has the best list of minerals for rebuilding the myelin sheath (Pg. 123).

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