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Meat protein provides necessary sulfur

Sulfur is derived mainly from dietary proteins. E.g. fish, beef, poultry, eggs

Why do we need sulfur?

A major mineral, sulfur has a vital role in the structure and biological activity of the body's proteins (including enzymes).

A sulfur deficiency affects:

✔ Bones, joints, connective tissues, metabolic processes

✔ The body's electron transport system in cellular energy production.    As part of iron/sulfur proteins in mitochondria (cellular energy factories)

✔ Conversion of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) and B7 (biotin).    Essential for metabolizing carbohydrates into energy

✔ INSULIN function - the two amino acid chains in an INSULIN molecule are connected via sulfur bridges, without which INSULIN cannot function properly;

✔ Synthesizing important metabolic intermediates.   E.g. glutathione (body's "in-house" antioxidant protecting cells from ROS damage produced during energy production)

✔ Detoxification

Excluding animal protein from your diet puts you at risk for heart disease

Researchers in France concluded that low intake of sulfur amino acids by vegetarians and vegans raises homocysteine levels (a known cause of atherosclerosis leading to heart attack and stroke) and increases their risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Ingenbleek Y, Mc Culley KS, Vegetarianism produces subclinical malnutrition, hyperhomocysteinemia and atherogenesis. Nutrition 2011 Aug 26[Epub ahead of print]

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