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Chlorine Dioxide Therapy (Using MMS) - TOPICAL APPLICATION

Preparation choices for making a chlorine dioxide solution from MMS for topical use


There are 3 choices for preparing a TOPICAL Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) from MMS (sodium chlorite).   Each method has a different final pH level.

(1) How to make CDS from MMS to release chlorine dioxide slowly over time

(2) How to make CDS from MMS to immediately release ALL available chlorine dioxide

(3) Sweat Activation of MMS to release CDS

Topical uses for chlorine dioxide solution (CDS)

Skin Problems.   E.g. acne, sore, wound, skin eruption, athlete's foot, skin fungus, basal cell carcinoma;


How to apply prepared (i.e. activated and diluted) chlorine dioxide solution (CDS)

▲  First wash treatment area with soap (use chemical-free soap if using DMSO) and water.   If adding DMSO to aid penetration, it is essential that skin is clean or the DMSO will carry germs/toxins/chemicals present on skin into the body

▲  Next saturate a cotton ball with the prepared chlorine dioxide solution (see instructions below).   Use it to gently apply solution to acne or other problem area on skin in small circular motions


▲  Allow to air dry.   Giving the chlorine dioxide some extra contact time to do its work. It is the most effective just before it dries. After it is dry the area can be rinsed off, but it is not necessary;

▲  Wait at least 30 minutes before applying any other cream

▲  Apply as often as is convenient.   However, no more than once/hour

A properly prepared chlorine dioxide solution of diluted, activated sodium chlorite forms chlorous acid and chlorine dioxide, which speedily and effectively fight acne-causing bacteria.

If you experience pain or burning

▲  Reduce the strength of the solution being used.   Pour out and replace some of the solution with clean water. Keep diluting in this manner until the solution does not cause burning.

▲  To immediately quell pain/stinging/burning in any area.    Rub in a teaspoon or more of DISTILLED water, aloe vera or olive oil in the area of concern until discomfort subsides

Attend to Diet, Lifestyle and Emotional State

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