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Fertility monitor - an alternative family planning "Tool" for birth control and monitoring fertilty

(1) Fertility Monitors - "Family planning tool"

What is a fertility monitor?

A fertility monitor (also called ovulation monitor, ovulation microscope, fertility microscope, saliva monitor, saliva microscope) is a device that alerts to impending or actual ovulation - The monitor requires samples of saliva, urine or cervical fluid to run the test. There are many different brands and types of fertility monitors with a cost ranging from around $20 to $400.

For what purpose is the Fertility Monitor Used?

•  Trying to become pregnant •  To determine whether you're ovulating
•  Trying to avoid pregnancy •  To enhance awareness of your menstrual cycles


When is the Fertility Monitor Used?

The fertility monitor should be used around the days of the menstrual cycle when a woman can conceive:

-   There are only about 3 days when her egg is available for fertilization

-   Sperm can survive up to 72 hours (3 days) in the vagina and uterus - so if sexual intercourse occurs up to 3 days before a woman is fertile, she can still potentially become pregnant.

Thus, there are about 6 days per month that a woman can conceive (3 days prior to fertility, and 3 days of fertility).

Two good fertility monitors

The Fertile-Focus®- hand-held mini-magnification lens

OvaCue - high-tech, higher priced, electrolyte fertility monitor

Fertile Focus® Ovulation Microscope (hand-held mini-magnification lens)

The Fertile-Focus®is about the size and shape of a lipstick holder and sells for about $28 ( 9/2018) on amazon.com

The Fertile-Focus® (by Fairhaven) is a simple tool to make it easy to examine saliva to check for crystalline patterns indicating hormonal changes -

Pattern in Saliva just Prior to and During Fertile Days

It is scientifically well established that hormones filter into saliva - and that:

-    Just Prior to and During fertility - a fern pattern can be seen in saliva under a high powered magnification lens.

-    During non-fertile days -only random and shapeless dots will be visible.

If you want to check whether you may be fertile, you simply:

1. Make sure you haven't smoked, taken medication or had anything to eat or drink for 2 hours - It is best to use it at the same time every day;

2. Using fingertip put a small amount of saliva on the slide - and allow it to dry ( 5-7 minutes);

3. Insert the slide into the magnification lens and push a little button - to illuminate the sample.

If you are just about to become fertile or if you are fertile, you will easily see a beautiful crystalline fern pattern under the magnification lens (see below “Analysis of Saliva - Detection of Fertility”) - This is an easy and convenient way for you to monitor your hormonal changes and enhance your awareness of your menstrual cycle. If you track your cycles and fertility on a calendar, soon you will have a keen awareness of where you are in your monthly cycle, and what is happening hormonally in your body.

Identifies Cycles When there has been no Ovulation.   Cycle awareness can be especially helpful for women who tend to have anovulatory cycles (no ovulation occurs and thus there is infertility, and no Progesterone is produced). If you know that you haven't ovulated in any given cycle, and thus your ovary won't be producing Progesterone, you can then supplement with Progesterone that month and avoid estrogen dominance symptoms such as PM

Progesterone Therapy

-   The ovulation kits that measure hormones in urine to determine fertility tend to be expensive, messy, and can only be used once.    In contrast, at the cost of not much more than one ovulation kit, the Ovu-Tec®can be used over and over, and has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Analysis of Saliva - Detection of Fertility

•  During fertile days - a sample of saliva looks like "ferns"

•  During the non-fertile days - only shapeless "dotted" structures may be seen.

"Fern" structures start 3-4 days before ovulation and end 2-3 days after ovulation occurs - The fertile period lasts less than one week. In addition to clearly "dotted" or "fern" patterns, the saliva sample may appear to be a combination of the two images. This is called a "transition" pattern. During this period, it may be possible that the woman is fertile. If you do not become pregnant during the indicated periods and wish to become pregnant, it is recommended that you consult a physician.

Refer to the following for interpretation of saliva specimens:

In the FERTILE stage your saliva will dry in "fern-like”patterns. Ferns appear about 3-4 days before ovulation begins and continue 2-3 days after it stops.

The TRANSITION period is the most difficult to determine - it will show a combination of dots and ferns. You are less fertile, but conception is still possible.

During the INFERTILE period the pattern is random, and unconnected dots appear.


The quality of saliva specimen may be affected by smoking, alcohol consumption, medications, or food consumption - Wait until 2 hours after smoking, eating, drinking or taking medications.

OvaCue - High-Tech, higher priced, electrolyte fertility monitor

The Fair Haven Health OvaCue fertility monitor (by Zetec) uses a patented method to measure the electrolytes in both the saliva and cervical fluid (if you have purchased the cervical accessory) to determine what point the fertility cycle is in.

-   The OvaCue providesa visual indicator of your fertility status for the day and a projected date of peak fertility.  Automatically tracking and storing information about your cycles for up to 4 months.

-   According to wholefamilyhealth.com.  “You record daily readings and interpret the pattern according to instructions.(Adding the vaginal sensor) allows you to completely define the fertile window.

Note on Vaginal Reading (VR in graph)

A few days after the Cue Peak, the luteinizing hormone (LH) in the blood increases and decreases very sharply over a period of 24 hours (the LH surge). As LH reaches its peak in the blood, there is a definite change in the reproductive tract which can be measured by the Cue vaginal sensor. Mucus secretion increases, and the electrolyte content of the mucus changes. This change causes a sharp, clear drop and increase in these readings. It is this lowest level reading and subsequent rise that the Cue uses to confirm ovulation.”

The vaginal sensor alerts to ovulation a day or two before (with the "VR Low") and again on the day of ovulation (with the "VR Rise"). You will not see the vaginal sensor alert unless you are definitely ovulating. The ability to predict ovulation up to a week in advance and then definitely confirm ovulation as it happens makes this monitor superior to all the other brands. It gives a long enough advance warning about ovulation, and then actually confirms ovulation right before and during.

-   The OvaCue™ fertility monitor can be used safely and effectively for birth control.   Although the manufacturer makes no such claim.

-   The OvaCue™ costs from ~ $240-$350 (depending on which model and accessories you choose). Without affiliation, here are a couple of sites where you can purchase the OverCue Fertility Monitor:





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