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How to Use SOTA Bio-Tuner - Simple Instructions

How to Use the SOTA Bio-Tuner for CES Therapy

(The SOTA Bio-Tuner is the updated version of Dr. Robert Beck's "Brain Tuner")

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Heeding manufacturer's manual:

•   Do not use the Bio-tuner if you are  prone to or experience  tinnitus.    However, this author notes that there are studies that have shown that CES can help tinnitus. Daniel Kirsch, author of "The Science Behind Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation" (2nd Ed., 2002), includes details in his  book of a "Postmarketing survey of Alpha-Stim™ CES patients", which reported that only 1 out of 500 surveyed Alpha-Stim™ users said they had experienced intensified tinnitus.

•   Do not use if pregnant or with an implanted device, such as a pacemaker  (Safety has not been explored)

•   Discontinue use if you experience headaches, ringing in the ears, pain, or an increase in neuropathy-related pain whilst using the bio-tuner.

•    if you are on psychiatric medication or have a neurological condition, you should consult your medical provider before using biotuner

Hook up the Bio-tuner

▲  Connect the terminals of a 9V battery into terminal receptors inside bio-tuner battery compartment inside the battery compartment.   You will see a big circle indicating the side where the larger negative terminal connects into negative terminal receptor and a smaller circle showing where the positive side connects into positive terminal receptor. Use alkaline batteries and NOT heavy duty. You can also use rechargeable nickel metal hydride  batteries (at least 250 mA Hrs capacity, higher capacity will last longer), but be aware that some rechargeable batteries may not fit in the compartment, so you may want to test one before buying any or many. You can also use an 8.6 V battery. Alkaline batteries always have more capacity than rechargeables.

▲ Plug USB-type end of earclip wire into bio-tuner receptacle at bottom of unit

▲ If necessary wash conductive rubbers with soap and water.   They may be coated with residual skin oil from the last session used

▲ Attach probes on wire to earclips.   If necessary, wipe the probes with soap and water then dry, to ensure a good electrical connection

Preparation and placement of the contact electrodes

▲ Slightly moisten the black contact electrodes on the conductive ear clips with a drop of water.   Place drop of water on black rubber of one side of ear clip and close clip to disperse water

▲  Clip on each set of ear clips, one on each ear lobe.   Place rubbers as high up on lobe and as close to the face side as possible, almost touching jaw bone. This location accesses various acupuncture points on what is called the triple warmer meridian. Chinese acupuncture experience has shown that all areas are reached through the triple warmer meridian;

▲ Allow wires to hang under chin

▲ Connect the headset plug-in to the jack on the end of the Bio-Tuner

▲ The unit can optionally be mounted on the velcro strap provided and attached to the upper arm

SOTA provides a 16 minute Youtube video demonstrating the set-up of the Bio-Tuner Model BT-9 and covering some troubleshooting of various problems that may occur.   Note that SOTA is restricted from telling you about any health uses for the machines, and so does not mention such information on the video.

Youtube video Bio-Tuner Model BT-9

Set the Bio-tuner to one of the available modes

Different modes have different functions and different comfort levels - The user will need to experiment as to what is best for him or her. The chart below provides some guidelines.

-   Modes 1, 2, 3 (550uS pulse width) are more strongly felt; (Pulse width determines fundamental frequency).

-   Modes 4, 5, 6 (220uS pulse width) are less strongly felt

Set the mode by repeatedly pressing the button on the Bio-Tuner

MODES 1, 2, 3 Stronger

than MODES 4, 5, 6

Bio-Tuner (BT-9) Usage GUIDANCE


1 & 4

Output = Continuous

Deep Relaxation, Sleep  (DELTA brainwave frequency)

Releases deeply embedded stress patterns.

Optimal time to commence treatment is 3-6 hours preceding sleep (e.g. 4-7 p.m. if bedtime 10:00 p.m.) Primary treatment affect is in Stage 4 (delta) sleep.

Pain Relief  (DELTA brainwave frequency)


2 & 5

Output = Strobes 1 Second ON,  1 Second OFF

Energizing / Active (BETA brainwave frequency)

Brain is aroused and engaged in mental activity


3 & 6

Output = Amplitude Modulated by:

7.83 Hz

Schumann (Earth) Frequency

Sine Wave

(Mode 6 was Dr. Beck's Favorite Setting) 

Relaxed (ALPHA brainwave frequency)

•Experiment with this setting for pain

/Creative (THETA brainwave frequency)

•Relaxed, but focused mental state.


•Super-Learning, Memory Improvement,

•Intuitive Insights


How it should feel and what to expect

After turning the thumbwheel clockwise until it just clicks on, you should turn the amplitude up to the point where it feels uncomfortable, then turn it down to where it is comfortable - In about 10 minutes you'll find that you'll acclimate and you'll want to turn it higher and higher, since your body builds up a tolerance to it.You should get a very pleasant sort of buzzing sensation;

The Yellow Light is ON or flashing - depending on the mode setting;

Most people will feel a difference in stimulus on one side or the other;

After 20 minutes of operation the output stops - the unit goes into standby mode and the Green Light flashes;

Either restart or turn off the unit;

LOW Battery Warning - The Red Light will come ON to indicate battery will soon need replacing. The unit is powered by a 9V battery, which will usually provide enough power for a 3 week, dailytreatment without replacement.

Length of a session

Most people notice a plateau between 20 and 30 minutes -which, except in extreme cases, is the recommended length of a session.

40 Minutes is the red line - because after that, although you won't do any damage, you will undo the benefits.In extreme cases ( E.g. an alcoholic with DT's, bed-ridden and throwing up) have 2 sessions per day, 40 minutes in the morning and 40 minutes at night. As soon as the person is somewhat back together, then cut back down to 20-40 minutes / day.

How long to continue treatment sessions

For any type of anxiety, depression, insomnia -If it's chronic it takes about 3 weeks. If it is acute it takes about a week.

Memory Restoration - For some people only one session is required. You'll find that you can recall faces, places, memories and information that you thought you had lost.

Use the Bio-Tuner twice/day for a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks in order to achieve the maximum benefits - It's OK to skip a day here and there.

Benefits tend to be cumulative - and gradually reveal themselves over a period of 1 to 3 weeks.Change is spontaneous and effortless.

Maintenance - After the initial series of sessions, the Bio-Tunermay be used as desired to maintain the initial improvements. Memory improvements may last up to 1 year before additional sessions are necessary.Other gains may be more temporary and require more frequent usage. Your own instincts will guide whether you should use it at particular time of need. E.g. During stress. Treat yourself as often as you feel the need. It is not addictive.

Side effects

There are no recorded long-term, negative side effects

The most noted side-effect, mentioned almost universally, is that it stimulates lucid dreaming - at first, this alarms some people who have been shut off from their dreams. Also, headaches are not uncommon in the first few days of use.

SOTA manual

To download any SOTA user manual you  need to register at www.SOTA.com


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