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Blood Detoxification + Destroy toxins local to bite

Bites from known venomous snakes, spiders etc need to be seen urgently at a hospital - however, there are scenarios where this might not be possible within the needed timeframe. These treatments offer some alternatives:

Activated Charcoal - make paste with water to apply topically to bite and if bite is seriously toxic (eg. poisonous snake or spider), then drink 2 tsp. activated charcoal mixed with water or juice every 4 hours as necessary. Activated charcoal adsorbs (i.e. chemically absorbs) toxins.

Bentonite clay mixed with small amount of echinacea powder  (open some capsules) - make paste with water and apply to bite - adsorbs local toxins from venomous bites - especially works well with spider bites;

DMSO kills pain/reduces swelling of insect sting in 2 minutes.

Wild Oregano Oil (Topical and also internal if venomous bite)

SOTA Silver Pulser as a Blood Purifier

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy; (SOTA Magnetic Pulser)(applied over bite area);

Ionic Colloidal Silver;

Hydrogen Peroxide;

Ozone Therapy (Ozonated Olive Oil)

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Chlorine Dioxide Therapy (Using MMS);



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