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Chlorine dioxide therapy (CDT)

Chlorine dioxide therapy (CDT) - A powerful bio-oxidative therapy

Chlorine Dioxide Therapy (CDT) - A Powerful Bio-Oxidative Therapy

CDT is a powerful biooxidative therapy using very dilute doses of chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) (activated sodium chlorite)

The powerful oxidant chlorine dioxide gas (ClO2) can be used for therapy in or on the body.

What is chlorine dioxide therapy (CDT)?

CDT is a biooxidative therapy, which applies appropriately dosed chlorine dioxide externally or systemically to the body.  A bioxidative therapy is both oxidating and oxygenating and yields several health benefits, which include deactivating microbes, boosting the immune system and getting rid of diseased cells.   In particular, chlorine dioxide can deactivate bacteria (including endospores and biofilm), viruses, protozoa, and fungi on contact, both in or on the body.

More on functions of biooxidative therapies.

What is chlorine dioxide solution (CDS)?cds bottle

CDS is a stable solution containing the active, chlorine dioxide molecule dissolved in saline water.   A chlorine dioxide solution was originally made by activating a solution of sodium chlorite (called Miracle Mineral Solution, then later renamed to Master Mineral Solution - both abbreviated and better known as MMS).  MMS is still available (you can even make your own if you feel so inclined), but ready-made CDS is the more recent and convenient evolution of MMS.

CDS does not require activation.   However,  0.3% CDS requires 8 times more drops than MMS to produce the same strength dose as activated MMS in an identical amount of water. CDS is not made stronger. Typically, 1 ml of CDS is equivalent to 1 drop of  MMS (a very alkaline (pH 13) 22.4% solution of sodium chlorite),   This undiluted CDS contains 3000 PPM chlorine dioxide.

CDS does not have the awful taste of MMS.   CDS is generally better tolerated than activated/diluted MMS.

CDS needs to be kept cool and out of direct UV sulight.  It is more sensitive to heat and light than MMS. 

CDS production.   CDS is made by bubbling chlorine dioxide gas through slightly saline water to achieve complete saturation.

MMS bottle

CDT was originally developed as the "MMS Protocol" by Jim Humble.   Inventor, gold mine prospector /consultant, and metallurgist.

To avoid FDA involvement, Humble resorted to forming a non-religious “church”- The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing (Humble is the archbishop and healing ministers are called bishops) to allow more freedom in communicating information on MMS and to administer the protocols (referred to as sacraments!)

MMS -"Humble Beginnings"

Is chlorine dioxide therapy safe and effective? - A hotly debated subject

Promotion of CDT has received some negative media attention

ABC news, in particular, has framed CDT in a bad light.   They have televised and reported several stories.

The first was the claim of Doug Nash, who is convinced that MMS killed his wife Sylvia in 2009, when she took one dose of MMS while on a sailboat, and died a few hours later. An autopsy was performed by a specialist from Australia. who said that the cause of death could not be ascertained. 

 Another story spotlighted Louis Daniel Smith, 45, who was given a prison sentence of over 4 years for one count of conspiracy to commit multiple crimes (Smith hid evidence from FDA inspectors and destroyed evidence while law enforcement agents were executing search warrants), three counts of introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce with intent to defraud or mislead (Smith made legally unproven health claims for MMS)  and one count of fraudulently smuggling merchandise into the United States. 

In 2016, Patrick Merehan (a "bishop" in the Genesis II church) was convicted and fined 4000 Euros in Ireland on two charges "related to the manufacture and supply of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)," which is an unauthorized medicine there.

On camera, a reporter attempted an interview with Mark Grenon, also a member of the Genesis II church. Let's just say that Grenon did not come across very well, and did not use the opportunity to espouse any meaningful information on MMS.

The effects of chlorine dioxide solution and its reaction products are complex, making it difficult for anyone but those with a reasonable knowledge of chemistry to discuss its merits and shortfalls.

Much of the information provided by sellers of CDS and MMS,  and those who have only a smattering of understanding on the subject is not very helpful in getting to the truth. Adding to the confusion, there is still disagreement even amongst the chemistry buffs. This site author has attempted to gather the relevant chemical information to make an educated decision.

Authors conclusions on safety and efficacy

Topical CDT

Appropriately applied, topical CDT provides a powerful tool for:  skin problems, or use in the mouth (E.g. For dental problems, halitosis), or in the ear canal (for ear infections).

Internal / Systemic CDT

Includes oral consumption, nebulizing, or topical when combined with DMSO (which enables chlorine dioxide to enter blood stream through the skin).   This author has used CDT orally/systemically at pretty high doses over several days, and has no doubt that the chlorine dioxide therapy goes to work on cleansing the body of toxins, pathogens etc.   However, after several years of examining the mechanisms and safety of this therapy and how it reacts within the body, this author is still not 100% convinced of its overall safety when used systemically.  

If you decide to use CDT internally: CDT must be used at appropriate doses, paying full attention to the details of the therapy (not posted on this website), which this author has concluded requires supplementing antioxidants at least 2 hours before or after systemic use, to counter its oxidant effects on the body's important oxidant-sensitive tissues, such as brain, eyes, lungs and heart, and also it's effect on reducing the body's major "in-house" antioxidant, glutathione.

What does CDT do?

As a therapy, quantities of ClO2 produced are small enough not to be harmful, but sufficient to be one of the most effective killers of pathogens.   E.g. bacteria, molds, fungus, viruses, bio-film and other microorganisms responsible for the majority of diseases of mankind

•  Chlorine dioxide is able to oxidize and destroy pathogens (e.g. viruses,bacteria, fungus, protozoa, bio-film) and toxins (including heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides) in the body.    Pathogens and toxins are involved in an estimated 95% of diseases and ill-health, including inflammation / pain, chronically low energy, and problems maintaining healthy weight or a normal blood pressure

•  Chlorine dioxide is able to destroy unhealthy cells (e.g. cancer cells) in and on the body.

•  Chlorine dioxide can improve immune system function (when used systemically / internally).

-    Amount of chlorine dioxide produced is controlled by certain reaction parameters.   In particular, solution concentration and pH. E.g. commercial applications for destroying pathogens range from 500 - 6000 ppm  (parts per million), a strength that would prove deadly inside the body. IN CONTRAST, CDT is typically administered internally at a mere 24 ppm. (This is achieved with a dose in 4 oz water of 3 drops MMS (activated) or 24 drops CDS (need 8 times as many drops of CDS than MMS).

-   Diseases for which CDT has had reported successes, include:   malaria, aids, diabetes, herpes, autism, melanoma, allergies, T.B., shingles, warts and many more. Used internally, the chlorine dioxide cleanses body areas including the blood, muscles, brain, intestines, liver, and nerves.

Some Anecdotally Reported Successful Uses of CDT

Sodium chlorite has been safely used for > 70 years in alternative medicine.   It has been used to treat colds/flu and as an antimicrobial tool.   CHLORINE DIOXIDE is even more effective against microbes.

“. . . it overcomes colds in an hour or so, overcomes flu in less than 12 hours, overcomes pneumonia in less than 12 hours, cures more cancer than any other treatment by hundreds of times, cures hepatitis A, B, and C. It cures appendicitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and a hundred other diseases.”

- Jim Humble, MMS inventor (talking anecdotally about its systemic use)

Chlorine dioxide is a gas, and is typically used as a gas dissolved in water.   Although ClO2 gas can sometimes be used directly on the skin or in the mouth.

Chlorine dioxide can be made at point of use by activating sodium chlorite with a weak acid or it is available and ready to use as CDS (Chlorine dioxide gas dissolved in slightly saline water, but it must be stored below 11°C (~52°F). to prevent gas leaving liquid;

ClO2 gas cannot be compressed, stored or shipped as a gas because it is unstable /explosive under pressure.    Chlorine dioxide is considered explosive at higher concentrations, which exceed 10% by volume in air; its ignition temperature is about 130°C (266°F) at partial pressures

National Safety Council Data Sheet 525 -ClO2, 1967.

Chlorine dioxide used in CDT is NON-chlorinating  (i.e. NOT like household bleach)

Household bleach and MMS / CDS are two very different substances:

Chlorine dioxide used in CDT is not chlorinating "bleach"!

Although chlorine dioxide is used in high concentration for commercial non-chlorinating bleaching applications, the solutions used in CDT are extremely dilute.

How is MMS utilized for chlorine dioxide therapy (CDT)?

MMS is “activated” with a weak or strong acid depending on specific use:

•  Using a weak acid (E.g. 10% or 50% citric or acetic acid, or even lemon juice or vinegar) activator produces time-released chlorine dioxide for internal use.   The MMS solution is 22.4% sodium chlorite in distilled water. E.g. Addition of a 10% citric acid to MMS takes about 3 minutes to change the extremely high pH level (13) of sodium chlorite into a weak acid, which sets the stage for a slow and constant release of chlorine dioxide.  Stomach acid does not tend to significantly change the time-released effect.

•  Using a strong acid activator (E.g. hydrochloric acid) immediately releases all available chlorine dioxide.   This is particularly useful for topical applications.

Specific example of an ORAL protocol.    Half a glass of apple, grape, cranberry or pineapple juice (all without ascorbic acid added) is added (after a 3 minute wait) to 6 drops MMS mixed with ¼ teaspoon of 10% activator acid to produce 3 mg of free chlorine dioxide in the solution at the time it is swallowed, and continues to produce about 1 mg chlorine dioxide /hour in the body for approximately 12 hours, at which time all chlorine dioxide deteriorates, leaving nothing deleterious to the body.

CDT applications


TOPICAL MMS + DMSO (Penetrating carrier) as Systemic Treatment (MMS PROTOCOL 3000)

TOPICAL CDT+ Optional DMSO (Penetrating carrier) for localized skin problem




AURAL Application for Ear Infections


Because of the controversy, this author does NOT recommend using CDT orally /systemically.  If you choose this option, you can find the instructions for these by looking online:

Oral CDT for many health issues / problems (MMS PROTOCOL 1000)

Oral CDT for cancer and other life threatening diseases (MMS PROTOCOL 2000)

Oral CDT (using capsules) utilizing calcium hypochlorite (instead of sodium chlorite) (MMS PROTOCOL 4000)

Where to purchase MMS or chlorine dioxide solution (CDS)

CDS and MMS (and its activator citric acid) can be purchased from several online retailers for around $20 -27 / 4oz bottle .    Here are some websites (without affiliation):





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