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GSE GSE Vitamin D - Sunshine Vitamin / Antioxidant against health problems

Estrogen and other sex steroids share some common roles with vitamin D

Estrogen is a primary inhibitor of bone resorption in both men and women

Mauras et al, Growth hormone, insulin-like growth factor I and sex hormones: effects on protein and calcium metabolism 1999.

Estrogens and androgens increase intestinal absorption and the retention of calcium

Michaelsson et al., Dietary calcium and vitamin D intake in relation to osteoporotic fracture risk, 2003

Estrogen, Testosterone, and other androgens have roles in facilitating bone growth

Cannel, John,Vit D: When, Why, Where and How Much 2005 lecture

A decline in sex steroids may aggravate the effect of vitamin D deficiency - bringing the total vitamin D-like activity to a low enough level that a higher intake of vitamin A begins to become harmful.

Sex steroid deficiency appears to “turn on”the otherwise dormant association between vitamin A and fracture risk. (Maybe this same correlation can be similarly “turned on”by vitamin D deficiency and “turned off”by D sufficiency).

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