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Functions of Active form of vitamin D (CALCITRIOL) in the Body


Virtually all the body's cells have vitamin D receptors (VDRs) - Meaning, the body's cells use the active form of vitamin D, CALCITRIOL, to function properly. Thus, CALCITRIOL does much more than just aid calcium absorption for bone strength:

Gene expression - CALCITRIOL upregulates nearly 3000 genes; considering that your body only has ~25,000 genes helps one to grasp vitamin D's enormous influence on health; CALCITRIOL affects DNA through VDRs, which bind to specific locations of the human genome;

Mineral Absorption  - The body can not absorb minerals without the vitamin “duo” A and D; CALCITRIOLis well-recognized as an aid that enhances intestinal absorption of magnesium, iron, zinc and, of course, calcium;

Bone Formation and Strength - Vitamin D does not actually directly promote healthy bone, but rather it controls blood calcium and phosphorus levelsby promoting intestinal calcium and phosphate absorption. In so doing, adequate calcium and phosphorus levels maintain neuromuscular function and mineralize the skeleton, instead of being drawn from the bones by mature osteoclasts to maintain blood levels.

Note that high vitamin D levels will actually demineralize bone if there is insufficient calcium present.

Aids repair and maintenance

Increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood - CALCITRIOL helps fight cancer and stimulate immunity.

Regulates Immune system and Inflammation

–   Vitamin D up-regulates an important gene for fighting infections and controlling chronic inflammation - this gene produces over 200 anti-microbial peptides, a class of proteins that quickly destroys the cell walls of bacteria, viruses (including influenza), and fungi. They also keep the lungs free from infection; Most significant is cathelicidin , a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic, whose production is enhanced by CALCITRIOL produced by macrophages:

▲  The reason vitamin D is so affective against colds and flu -and why flu occurs in winter;

▲  Shown affective against tuberuculosis destroys Microbacterium tuberculosis;, the airborne bacteria that infects the lungs, and is today the world's most deadly infectious disease;

–   SInce vitamin D modulates/down-regulates immune response it can prevent over-reactive inflammation leading to autoimmune disorders E.g. Crohn's Disease, IBS, Rheumatoid arthritis, M.S., Sjogren's Syndrome, and thyroiditis;

–    Vitamin D increases the number of disease-fighting white blood cells (lymphocytes) in the body

The difference in an infection-free ward

In 2005, an influenza epidemic broke out in the psychiatric Atascadero State Hospital in California. One by one, each ward became infected as the patients came down with chills, fever, cough, and severe body aches. However, only Dr. Cannell's ward remained free of infection. These patients intermingled with patients from other wards and they were not noticeably different in terms of age, health, or medical treatment.

The difference? – Dr. Cannell's patients had been receiving a daily dose of 2,000 IU of vitamin Dfor several months, and not one of them caught the flu!

–   Vitamin D prevents the immune system from producing a dangerous amount of inflammatory chemicals(cytokines)that attack body cells E.g. Sensitive respiratory membranes - although an important part of your immune system, in severe cases of the flu, cytokineproduction spirals out of control, causing high fever and extreme fatigue. In most cases, this "cytokine storm" is the actual cause of death.

Article by John J. Cannell, MD., psychiatrist at Atascadero State Hospital, CA.

Promotes optimal cholesterol levels - CALCITRIOL supports cardiovascular health;

May prevent undesirable calcification - Vitamin D regulates vitamin-D-binding proteins and some calcium-binding proteins, which are responsible for carrying calcium to its proper destination. When D is insufficient, high dietary levels of calcium,may contribute to calcification / damage by free calcium in the arteries, joints, kidney and perhaps even the brain.

CALCITRIOL enhances INSULIN production - CALCITRIOL may have a role in type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Pittas AG et al, Vitamin D and calcum intake in relationship to type 2 diabetes in women, Diabetes Care 2006;29:650-56

CALCITRIOL inhibits renin production -involved in regulating blood pressure

Li YC, Vitamin D regulation of the reni-angiotensin system, J Cell Biochem 2003,88:327-331

–   Effective antioxidant against lipid peroxidation

Wiseman H. Vitamin D is a membrane antioxidant

Increases enzymes that protect against oxidation

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