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Green Drink Health Benefits

Green Drink

E.g. VivaMix

- WHOLE FOOD, Dietary Supplement

A drink mix designed to provide MAXIMUM NUTRITION

 your body can actually use


      Nature combines enzymes, vitamins and compounds to work together to aid in their absorption - but synthetic, man-made supplements are not able to simulate nature's perfect chemistry, and much of what is taken is unusable and subsequently eliminated by your body.


-       We are trying to survive on artificial foods, processed chemicals, refined foods and disease-causing toxins -  Even the 'healthy' vegetables we eat are often grown in nutrient-depleted or chemically fertilized soils, and then we go and destroy their beneficial enzymes and vitamins when we cook them!


-       VivaMix provides a combination of God-given, nutritionally potent, whole food ingredients – to supply the body with a rich source of nutrients for the day, including minerals, vitamins and live enzymes.


What VivaMix Will do for You


·   Increase your Energy Level

·   Help Keep you Regular

·   Rejuvenate your Complexion

·   Strengthen your Immune System

·   Detoxify your Body

·   Provide Needed Nutrition when on weight loss diet

·   Improve your Mental Agility               

·   Supply Nutrition for your body to help keep you well




VivaMix Ingredients



      VivaMix  is packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, phytochemicals and trace elements

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-       Being at cellular level, it is easily assimilated by the body - Many of the whole-food ingredients are single-celled plants, assimilated into the bloodstream in minutes, supplying nutrient-rich fuel for your body to use in keeping you healthy and produce energy.


-       Ingredients include:

(similar to Dr. Schulze Superfood Plus® ingredients)


·   Spirulina

·   Lemon Peels

·   Barley Grass Juice

·   Beet Root

·   Chlorella 

·   Orange Peels

·   Wheat Grasses

·   Spinach Leaf

·   Purple Dulse Seaweed

·   Rose Hips              

·   Alfalfa

·   NON-Active Nutritional Yeast


·   Acerola Cherry




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      Botanical ingredients in VivaMix  are:  


         Obtained from a quality source

         Dried and powdered without heat to keep the enzymes alive.

         Certified organic, produced without using pesticides/herbicides, or wild harvested.


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