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GSE What is Ozone Therapy? - Simple Instructions

Ozone (O3) Therapy - “Powerful Bio-oxidative Healing Tool”

Introduction to ozone

Ozone is an unstable, strong oxidizing gaseous molecule comprised of 3 oxygen atoms

In nature, ozone (O3 ) is formed by the action of UV radiation on oxygen (O2) – which causes the 2 atoms in an oxygen molecule (O2) to split up, after which each single oxygen atom joins another O2 molecule to make ozone (O3).

3 O2 + UV Radiation 2 O3

Ozone Chemistry

Ozone can also be created when an electrical “spark”acts on oxygen - E.g. that “clean”smell you detect after a lightning storm is ozone.

Natural and industrial uses of ozone

Ozone protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation -Oxygen in the stratosphere absorbs UV rays from the sun to become ozone, which is a blue gas - and actually the reason why the sky is blue.

Nature's wonderful self-cleaning system - Ozone's third oxygen atom (with a weak bond) detaches and begins a chain of reactions that produce powerful oxidants, which can combine with airborne pollutants and change them into less harmful compounds. Heavier than air, ozone falls earthward, oxidizing /destroying any pollutant it contacts. E.g. carbon monoxide and benzene.

Ozone is a Powerful Disinfectant and Toxin Remover – ozone has the ability to alter, decompose and/or neutralize materials that are toxic, without creating additional toxic compounds. Second only to fluoride as the world's most powerful oxidizer and sanitizer, ozone will eventually break down most chemicals into their natural components: H2O, carbon dioxide, sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen. Ozone has been used to clean water for large cities for over 100 years.

E.g. Formaldehyde (HCHO) + Ozone (O3) CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) + H2O (Water) + O2

Ozone forms beneficial hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in rain and snow -As a result of ozone in the upper atmosphere acting on water vapor, rain and snow both contain oxidant-producing H2O2. This is why plants grow better with rain water than with irrigation. Commercial horticultural growers actually add H2O2 to their irrigation water to produce healthier, disease free plants. H2O2 added to drinking water for farm animals has also demonstrated very positive results E.g.Cow's milk production is increased, with a lower bacteria count. Turkey and chicken growers report increased weight per bird using less feed.

Hydrogen Peroxide –Oxidative / Oxygenative Water

Many industries use ozone as an industrial oxidizer and sterilizer - including industrial waste treatment, sewage treatment, aquarium sanitation, food preservation, sterilization of containers; The best known use of ozone is in water treatment because of its ability to kill bacteria and viruses. The EPA and the FDA acknowledge ozone's ability to oxidize 99.9992% of all waterborne pathogens.

Examples of  ozone aPPLICATIONS


Asphalt Fumes; Butane;Benzene; Gasoline; Toluene; Carbon Monoxide; Kerosene; Cigarette Smoke; Exhaust Fumes; Industrial Wastes; Creosote; Propane; Formaldehyde; Tetrachloride; Ammonia; Moth balls; Diesel fumes; Resins; Ether; Ethyl alcohol; Nicotine;


Viruses; Mold; Fungi; Bacteria; Algae; Mildew;


Cooking; Food; Garbage; Fecal, Paint, Onions, Garlic, Sewer Gases, Dead Animals; Bathroom; Decaying; Moth balls; Old Manuscripts; Furniture (incl. smoke damage); Coal smoke; Carpet; Fire; Animal; Body; Fish; Flood; Burned food; Smoking;


Lactic acid; Rancid Oils;

What is ozone Therapy?

Either a Cold Plasma or Corona Discharge ozone generator is used to produce ozone from oxygen - thecold plasma generator is preferred for therapeutic purposes –it produces greater amounts of ozone, is more durable and has less problems. In fact, the original cold plasma generators were invented by Nikola Tesla in the 1920s and still work 80 years later. UV lamp ozone generators are more suitable for air purification.

Ozone (nicknamed “Active Oxygen”) can be applied topically or introduced into the body in low, controlled amounts as a biooxidative therapy - being unstable, ozone decays back to O2, within 30 mins. or so, and in so doing, it releases an Excited oxygen ATOM O1* and a “fighting tiger”(microbe-destroying) singlet oxygen MOLECULE (1O2*), which itself emits health beneficial near infrared energy. At appropriate doses, all of these products can be safely put to work to rid the body of toxins, improve circulation, immune function and energy production, and even to destroy cancer cells.

Ozone has a Short Life - If ozone does not find something to oxidize, then after about 45 minutes it reverts to oxygen, which the body can certainly use to its benefit

What does ozone therapy offer us for restoring health?

An appropriately dosed ozone therapy protocol is a therapeutic biooxidative therapy:

Biooxidative Therapy - Oxidative / Oxygenating

✔   Deals with toxins and microbes in the body

✔   Enhances immune system function

✔   Oxygenates

✔   Increases cellular energy output

Ozone's Beneficial Health Functions


International M.D.'s List 33 Major Diseases Successfully Treated With Ozone - (also ozone removes viruses and bacteria from blood, both in vivo and stored)

Ozone Successfully used with:





Cirrhosis of the liver


Cardiovascular Disease


High Cholesterol

Cancerous Tumors



Ozone Highly effective with:

Rheumatoid and other Arthritis

Allergies of all types

Multiple Sclerosis

Ozone Ameliorates:

Alzheimers Disease



Ozone Effective with:



Prostrate problems




Externally, Ozone effective treating:



Leg ulcers

Open sores




For a complete list of health problems treated with ozone:

Health problems helped with ozone therapy

Clinical use of ozone therapy in the treatment of infected tissues and wounds began in WWI Europe - Today Germany has several thousand doctors applying ozone therapy, and after extensive research ozone has entered the mainstream in Russian healthcare. Its use is now spreading to other parts of the world too –E.g. Cuba has a very active ozone program in its health-care system. Ozone therapy has not been established in North America because, compared to the current high-profit solutions involving pharmaceuticals, radiation/chemotherapy and surgery, ozone's profit-making ability is negligible and does not warrant the cost of the expensive research required by the FDA.

In the U.S., recently passed legislation allows physicians to legally apply ozone therapy in their practice without fear of prosecution, in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, and Washington.

“Do-it-Yourself”- With the right equipment and know-how, ozone therapy can be applied at home.

How to apply ozone (O3)therapy at home


Ozone therapy safety record

The medical use of ozone has an excellent safety record with a lack of toxic side effects - after millions of treatments over nearly 100 years.

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