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Bio-oxidative Therapies


“Biooxidative Therapy” – Oxidative / Oxygenating


   What is a biooxidative therapy?

    Biooxidative therapy - a paradox



What is a biooxidative therapy?


      Powerful biooxidative therapies – include:


Hydrogen Peroxide ( H2O2 )Therapy

Ozone( O3) Therapy

Chlorine Dioxide Therapy (Using MMS)

Ionic Colloidal Silver (attracts oxygen)

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)


      Biooxidative therapy (sometimes called oxygen therapy) uses oxidants in LOW,  controlled amounts (well below the toxic threshold) for internal, oral/dental or topical therapeutic use in or on the body


The chemical definition of an oxidant is:


"A substance that contains oxygen and gives it up readily

 +  The halogens"


-       Controlled amounts of the therapy substance (E.g. O3, H2O2, ClO2) break down to form low doses of various reactive oxidants providing the driving force behind the  therapy -  the therapeutic radical and non-radical oxidants produced include:


         Hydroxyl Radical (OH)

         Superoxide radical ( O2⁻)

         Oxygen (3 O2)

         Singlet Oxygen (1O2*)

          Active oxygen atom (O1*)

         Peroxyl/Alkoxyl radicals

         Nitric Oxide (NO)

         Peroxynitrite (OONO)

         Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)



and others, depending on the actual therapy and specific reactions. Some of the derived oxidants are still being determined for some reactions.


      Bioxidative therapy has the following beneficial health effects  - some of which are obviously only obtained when therapy is applied systemically:





Stimulate immune function

Oxidizes cancer cells (and other weak/abnormal cells) and inhibits tumor metabolism

Oxidizes toxins, facilitating their excretion

Oxidizes bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites, protozoa,

Scavenges free radicals


Chelates heavy metals, working well with EDTA

Deactivates viruses

Prevents shock

Circulation / Oxygen


Breaks up red blood cell clumping

Cleans arteries and veins, improving circulation

Increases cellular ATP energy production

Increases partial pressure of oxygen in the blood

Prevents stroke damage

Reduces cardiac arrhythmia


Normalizes hormone and enzyme production

Stimulates production of  cell-protective antioxidant enzymes


Reduces inflammation

Reduces pain

Stops bleeding

Supports/enhances healing process


Calms the nerves

Improves brain/memory function


Purifies the blood and lymph

Prevents/reverses degenerative disease

Prevents/Treats communicable diseases

Prevents/Eliminates auto-immune diseases



      Follow links for more information on these beneficial functions of biooxidative therapy:


Oxygenating / Increase ATP Energy Production

Pathogen killer / Toxin eliminator /Anti-Cancer

Stimulate immune system

Increases Cell-protective Antioxidant Enzymes



“If your car has dirt in its oil, has half its air supply cut off, and has never had an air or gas or oil filter changed, it will die after sputtering along for a while.”


- Ed McCabe – Author of “Flood Your Body with Oxygen”



      To be an effective oxidant against health problem / disease:


         Oxidant must be delivered to the appropriate  infection /problem site – not all biooxidative therapies are suitable for internal use

         Oxidant must be the right type to oxidize a specific pathogen

         Oxidant dose must be low enough not to harm healthy cells, but high enough to be effective

         Host must be able to tolerate specific oxidant and dose - and  the chosen delivery method


      Factors in dealing with pathogens:


         Some pathogens may be more resistant to oxidants;

         Pathogen may convert to other non-oxidizable forms E.g. spores, cysts or eggs;

         Pathogen may “hide” in a site inpenetrable to oxidants;

         Presence of excessive antioxidants or drugs during treatment  quench medicinal oxidants.


      Inhaled oxygen is a low-key biooxidative therapy – but only ~15% of the oxygen you draw into the body is absorbed into the bloodstream, which must then be delivered to body cells and tissues to raise tissue oxygen levels, kill pathogens, remove abnormal cells, and thus protect and support healthy cells and a strong immune system. Bioxidative therapies step up this process beyond what is possible by just drawing breath.


-       Other weak forms of bioxidative therapy include:


         Aerobic “Oxygenating” Therapy


         Magnesium Peroxide



What Diseases and Health Problems are Successfully Treated with biooxidative Therapy?


Diseases / Health Problems successfully treated with BIOX Therapy


Biooxidative therapy - a paradox


      Health problems generally involve oxidative stress in the body’s cells, meaning that ROS are overwhelming cellular antioxidant systems - So when using oxidants for therapeutic purposes, logic says that we would be adding more ROS to a body in which there are already so many that they are causing problems ( at present there is evidence of ROS involvement in more than 100 disease states)


-       ROS produced by Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide and other biooxidative therapies have both “Dr. Jeckyll” and “Mr. Hyde” roles – and are typically used in low, controlled amounts balanced with an antioxidant presence to attain their beneficial effects:


 On the NEGATIVE side:


         ROS Inflict oxidative damage to enzymes

         ROS Induce mutations

         ROS Damage cell membranes


On the POSITIVE side:


         ROS Are involved in cellular chemical activity E.g. increasing cellular ATP energy production

         ROS Activate gene transcription

         ROS Activate signal transduction

         ROS are active in apoptosis (planned and beneficial cell death)

         ROS Shield the “good guys” from the “cross-fire” -  by evoking an increase in their cell membrane antioxidant enzyme systems. It is speculated that they elicit similar responses from other matrix- and cell organelle-related antioxidant systems.

         ROS Destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi - all of which would otherwise continue to inflict cellular oxidative injury.


For more detailed information, see:


Life's Oxygen Paradox - Meet Dr. ROS Jeckyll and Mr. ROS Hyde





Therapies Chart

  1-2-3-4 Therapy Plan

  Herxheimer Reaction

  Timing is of the Essence


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Stimulates immune system function


Pathogen Killer / Toxin Eliminator


 Increases cell-protective antioxidant enzymes


Diseases / Health Problems Successfully Treated with Biox Therapy



List of Therapies:

-   Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

-   Ozone  Therapy

-   Chlorine Dioxide Therapy (Using MMS)

-  Ionic Colloidal Silver  (attracts oxygen)

-  Iodine – “The Universal Medicine”

-  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy  (HBOT)




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