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About H2O2 Therapy -Oxidative/Oxygenative Water”

Safe to use, readily available and inexpensive

H2O2 therapy is a powerful bio-oxidative therapy for humans or pets.

–    Exception: it can not be used by those who have had an organ transplant - the reason for this is that H2O2 therapy boosts immune system function, which could cause it to reject a transplant organ;

–   Not true of all bio-oxidative therapies, H2O2 can diffuse deeply into cells – since it has a neutral charge.

Bio-oxidative Therapy-Oxidative / Oxygenating

H2O2 in the Body

H2O2  performs many health-beneficial functions in the body:

H2O2 can produce strongly reactive oxidants having the oxidative ability to eliminate toxins and microbial infection even though it is not an especially reactive molecule itself;

✔  H2O2 significantly increases oxygen levels in the blood which increases cellular energy production

H2O2 improves immune system function

For specific functions of H2O2:

Functions of H2O2 in the Body


H2O2 therapy has been successfully used against many health problems and diseases of people, animals and pets – for an idea of its many uses in the health of people, animals and plants:


Health Benefits / Uses for H2O2

For instructions on the different methods of application:

How to Apply H2O2 Therapy

H2O2 in Nature

H2O2 is found in rain and snow.

H2O2 content is naturally high in famous healing spring waters - at Lourdes in France, Fatima in Portugal, and St. Anne's in Quebec

H2O2 is in fresh fruit and vegetables (some coming from rain, some manufactured from sun and water during photosynthesis). Eating raw fruits and vegetables ensures that we get H2O2 into our bodies, along with valuable enzymes;

H2O2 is added to milk in many countries, to remove the need for refrigeration


How does H2O2 therapy work ?

For details on some of the complex cellular oxidative processes brought about byH2O2:


Life's Oxygen Paradox - Meet Dr. ROS Jeckyll and Mr. ROS Hyde

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