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Legumes can be eaten in their immature state right from the pod (the form eaten by animals), or in their mature (dried) state. Note that immature legumes (includes fresh peas, green beans) have low levels of phytate and a sub-class of lectins, called agglutins.

With the aid of soil bacteria rhizobia or frankia, legumes capture atmospheric nitrogen that has entered soil to produce nitrogen in a process called nitrogen fixation (Bacteria form nodule growths on roots, which change nitrogen into ammonia, a form the plant can use); if not present in soil, these bacteria can be "painted" on the seeds before planting. Nitrogen is required in a protein molecule and indeed most legumes have a reasonably good level of protein. Wise farmers plant legume crops alongside other crops or between harvests to replace nitrogen in the soil used by other crops.

High Antioxidant/ Rich protein food source;

Soak before boiling or sprouting to remove antinutrients such as phytic acid and lectins.    Unlike ruminant animals, humans do not produce the phytase enzyme to break down phytic acid. Note that canned beans are not typically presoaked before cooking and so contain phytate.

How to Prepare Legumes / Beans to remove Antinutrients


Use in soups.   Tip: Make a mixture of small beans



Boston beans

Chick peas

•Chili bean

Fava bean

Field pea

Frijole negro

Green beans


Kidney beans


Lima beans

Mexican black beans

Mexican red beans

Mung beans

Black beans

Pinto beans

Red beans

Small white beans

Split peas

Soy bean


Cacao beans are the source of our much-loved chocolate.   dark chocolate is a wonderful source of antioxidant / anti-inflammatory polyphenols

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