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- How to preserve nutrients in vegetables

(1) Cook food QUICKLY and (2) Don't use too much heat.

PREFER: Steaming/Sauteeing/ Waterless Cooking

THEN Boiling/ Baking (<~400°F).

AVOID Pressure cooking/roasting (>~400°F) / high temperature frying/grilling - Cooking methods more likely to reach the decomposition temperatures of vitamins)

Steam Cooking - best way to conserve nutrients, color and taste

✔  Faster than other methods - Decreased water contact with food surface decreases nutrient loss;

✔  Distribute cut up vegetables loosely in the steamer to allow vapor to circulate.

✔  Place vegetables that need less steaming on the top layer, those that need longer steaming on the bottom - Alternatively, add vegetables needing less steaming later on, after the coarser, denser veggies have partly cooked.


Sauteeing / Stir-frying – cut up vegetables small enough to cook quickly; use minimal fat;

Water-less Cooking - rinsed leafy vegetablesE.g. spinach, cabbage will have enough water clinging to them to be cooked at low-heat in a covered pot/pan without additional water.


–   Use minimal water to prevent water-soluble vitamins (E.g. B, C) and minerals leaching into cooking water – water-soluble vitamins are contained in watery part of fruits and vegetables and easily leaches into cooking water (along with minerals); Soups, stews and casseroles retain vitamin C. Broccoli is relatively leach resistant.

Combs GF, The Vitamins, Fundamental Aspects in Nutrition and Health, 2001

–   Add the vegetables AFTER the water has boiled - the high temperature helps to inactivate enzymes that would otherwise destroy the vitamin C.

–   Keep lid on pan

✔ To speed cooking

✔ Protects light-sensitive nutrients: vitamin C,folacin, Riboflavin (B2), Pyridoxine (B6), B12

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