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Ozone Therapy - Application Methods: Ingestion, Topical, Inhalation, Injection, Insufflation, ozonated water used topically

Ozone Therapy Application Method Choices:

Dosage is determined by:

✔ The ozone concentration (μg /ml) (by setting the ozone generator's input oxygen flow rate (L/M) and/or controlling the ozone concentration directly at the generator)

 ✔  Exposure time.


Requires HUMIDIFICATION of the ozone output (Improves tissue absorption without oxidizing the skin).



Ear (Auricular)

Brain related problems:              

Eg. Depression; Parkinson's Disease; Alzheimer's; ADHD;

1/32 L/M 

~55 μg /ml

Attach flow reducing ear adapter to ozone output tubing.

Carefully insert adaptor into ear.

Treat each ear about 5 mins.


Ovarian cancer;


1/32 L/M  

 ~75 μg /ml

Attach a clean catheter lubricated with Vitamin E or olive oil to the ozone output tubing.

Insert lubricated catheter into vagina.

Killing bacteria can cause a burning sensation, if it burns too much, try again next day.

Treat 5 – 45 minutes.


Fistulae (abnormal passageway between 2 epithelial lined organs);



Colon cancer;

Amebiasis (specific amoeba in colon);

Intestinal tuberculosis, diverticulitis (infected pockets on outside of colon),

Fissures and abscesses;

Inflammatory diseases of the bowel:

•Ileitis (end of ileum);

Proctitis (anus, last 6”of rectum lining);

Ulcerative colitis: pancolitis (ulcerative colitis of entire colon), procto-sigmoiditis (rectum or sigmoid colon);

Crohns disease (GI tract);

Ozone promotes healing / restores the flora balance disturbed by pathogenic organisms. Ozone introduced into the rectal cavity is allowed to infuse through the intestinal wall into the blood stream, via the portal circulatory system. Detoxifies the liver

1/32 L/M  

 ~75 μg /ml

Have a bowel movement or clean bowel with enema.

Attach a clean catheter lubricated with Vitamin E, coconut or olive oil to ozone output tubing.

Lie on left side, and insert catheter ~ 2”.

When you feel a feeling of fullness or strong cramping (~ 1-2 minutes), withdraw catheter. Retain gas for ~30 mins. - Success depends on it.

Evacuate bowel, if necessary.

Store catheter in hydrogen peroxide.

Rinse before reuse. You should take a probiotic supplement during/after treatment.

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