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Ozone Therapy - Application Methods: Ingestion, Topical, Inhalation, Injection, Insufflation, ozonated water used topically

Ozone Therapy Application Method Choices: Topical / Transdermal

Dosage is determined by:

✔ The ozone concentration (μg /ml) (by setting the ozone generator's input oxygen flow rate (L/M) and/or controlling the ozone concentration directly at the generator)

 ✔  Exposure time.


Topical / Transdermal ozone generally used for:

• Infected / poorly healing wounds; burns; ulcers;

• Staphylococcal infections; Fungal /radiation lesions; Herpes simplex and zoster;

• Gangrene; any microbial infection (systemic or skin)

High ozone concentrations - used for disinfection /cleaning / debridement.

Low concentrations - promote skin growth and healing.




General detoxification for ANY systemic health problem - including all cancers, heart disease, diabetes; shingles; arthritis, emotional problems

An ozone sauna is a cabinet which can be simultaneously filled with steam and ozone. Sitting on a seat inside the cabinet, your head stays out, with a folded towel around the neck sealing off the opening.Skin pores open in the moist heat so that ozone can be absorbed slowly and safely in large amounts through the skin. The beauty of this method is that, since oxidized toxins are sweated out, the usual cleansing reactions are avoided, and the burden on the liver is reduced.

Also available are zip-up body suits which encase the

whole body, except the head –not too popular, since they feel uncomfortably clammy as skin dries out.

1/2  L/M 

35-40μg /ml


Place folded towel to sit on, and neck towel over opening.

Heat sauna to ~100°- 107°, whilst filling it with ozone.

Climb in naked, place folded towel around neck, close door, adjusting towel to seal opening.

Stay in sauna 20-30 mins. keeping ozone flowing in. A helper may adjust temperature, if desired.

A funnel can be used inside sauna (1/8 L/M ~40-50 μg /ml) to target specific areas (especially effective with hepatitis, diverticulitis, pancreatitis and cancer).

Persons with heart conditions should limit themselves to 15 minutes at a lower temperature for the first few sessions, increasing to 20, 25 and then 30 minutes, as the body adjusts to the thermal stress over time. Typically - do one daily session 10-30 times, then cut back to once/week.

Cupping with Funnel

COPD; Pulmonary Fibrosis;

Ozone is applied through any sized funnel to a particular target area on the skin, which can be sealed by the funnel's edge. Ozone penetrates to tissue below skin. Funnel can also be used inside a sauna or body suit for localized concentration.

1/32 L/M 

 ~80 μg /ml

Wet treatment area first, or humidify ozone.

Attach funnel.

Hold funnel firmly against skin for 20-30 mins.

Ozonated Oil

All localized skin conditions:

E.g. Bedsores;

Provides long term, low dose exposure of ozone to tissues.

Ozonated olive oil is also called Glycozone.

For more details:

Ozonated Olive Oil (OOO)

1/8 L/M  

  ~65 μg /ml

Attach ceramic diffuser to ozone output tube.

Submerge diffuser into VIRGIN OLIVE or COCONUT OIL, using a large enough container to accommodate bubbling activity.

Ozonate continuously for about 3 weeks.

Fully ozonated oil is gel-like enough that it will stay in its container when turned upside down.

Keep refrigerated in glass/ceramic pot with lid.

Apply to skin problems 2-3 times / day.

Ozonated Lemon, Orange or Aloe Vera Juice

All localized skin conditions:

Ozonated water and fresh juices can be used topically.

1/8 L/M  

 ~65 μg /ml

Ozonate 2 cups of fresh lemon, orange or aloe vera juice for 6 hours (use a large enough container to accommodate bubbles).

Arm / Leg / Hand Bagging

Burns; ulcers;  crush damage; non-healing / infected wounds;

Badly burned hand before and then after 3 days and only one ozine bagging

1/16 L/M  

 ~70 μg /ml

First wet limb or hand, or humidify the ozone.

Place large, clear, strong plastic bag over limb /hand.

Insert end of output tubing into bag and tie end snugly with soft cotton strip.

Treat for 30 mins.

Afterwards, apply ozonated olive oil.

Combined with DMSO

Need to research this, disagreement as to its safety.


See above for instructions on how to ozonate water



Colonic irrigation, retentive enema, vaginal douche

Chronic intestinal inflammation; Bladder infection;

Use ozonated water

Dental / Oral Applications

Dental surgery; Periodontal disease; Halitosis;

Ozonated water applied following tooth extraction or during dental surgery, it is reported to enhance local oxygen supply and inhibit bacterial proliferation. Used as a rinse in periodontal disease.

As a mouth wash - retain in mouth and swish or gargle for a few minutes

Hand or Foot Soak


The warm water opens the pores allowing it to penetrate. After the first or second application, itching may occur. With minor arthritis problems, you should experience movement without  stiffness or pain soon after.

1/8 L/M  

~65 μg /ml  

Place hand or foot in a container filled with warm water. Let ozone diffuser bubble under the painful area for about 5 minutes.


Stimulates local circulation;    Disinfects varicosities;

Helps peripheral circulatory disorders; Helps dermatological conditions (eczema, ulcers).

1/8 L/M  

~65 μg /ml  

Attach diffuser and bubble ozone through warm bath.

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