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DMSO - Cell Membrane penetrant / Medicine Carrier / Precursor to MSM - How to Use DMSO

DMSO - Medicine Carrier / Cell membrane penetrant / Precursor to MSM

How to Apply DMSO to skin

If mixing DMSO liquid or gel with any substance.   Usually to carry the substance into the bloodstream:

✔ Use a glass, ceramic, wood or stainless steel container

✔ Use stainless steel utensils to mix.

Optionally mix DMSO with some magnesium chloride crystals/solution    and/or     organic raw honey.    Reduces some side-effects of DMSO, such as bad breath, body odor, and possible heat sensation felt on sensitive areas, like the face and neck.

Thoroughly wash hands applying DMSO and application area.    ALL substances combined with DMSO are transported through the skin and into the body.   This includes both beneficial and toxic substances (e.g. in dirt), and therefore DMSO should be handled with care. Preferably use natural, chemical-free soap for washing.

-   If using bare hands to apply DMSO, do not wear finger nail polish.   DMSO is a solvent that will dissolve the polish;

-   There are some benefits of using a plastic sandwich bag to cover your hand when applying DMSO:

✔ Prevents hands from becoming wrinkly

✔ Another person applying DMSO does not get the DMSO treatment through his/her skin

Spread DMSO or DMSO mixture over a wide area of clean skin.   You will experience some slight heat for a few seconds.  Skin will absorb DMSO or mixture in about 1 hour;

✔  Liquid.  Use a small glass spray bottle

✔  Gel.   Use clean, bare, dry hands or hand covered in a plastic bag E.g. a sandwich bag

DMSO CompatibilityWith Plastics and other materials

You can reapply the solution after 1/2 half hour and continue applying the solution every hour.   Until the desired relief is obtained. This is done on a personal/as needed basis

Attend to Diet, Lifestyle and Emotional State

"N E W S T A R T S "