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How to test for DMSO allergy

DMSO -Medicine Carrier / Cell membrane penetrant / Precursor to MSM

How to test for DMSO allergy

Do the following test to check for an allergy to DMSO:

1. Rub in one drop of DMSO to an area the size of a quarter on your clean, washed and dried arm;

2. Allow to soak in for 15 minutes

3. Watch for pain in your liver (located in upper right abdomen) over the next few hours (24h to be safe)

✔If no pain in liver – the usual case; DMSO is likely safe to use

✔  If pain in liver area – it is necessary to improve liver function before using DMSO; this is accomplished by various means:

For example:

Overnightliver/gallbladder flush

SOTA – Magnetic Pulser (Pulsing over the liver)


Chlorine Dioxide Therapy (Using MMS) (See MMS Protocol 3000)

✔  After cleansing liver, retest for DMSO allergy

Attend to Diet, Lifestyle and Emotional State

"N E W S T A R T S "