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Iodine - Universal Medicine Tests for Iodine Sufficiency in body

Iodine - "The Universal Medicine"

Tests for Iodine Sufficiency

Iodine-loading, 24-hour Urine test - The concept of this test is that the normally functioning human body has a mechanism to retain ingested iodine until whole body sufficiency for iodine is achieved.

–   Aniodine–   sufficient person -should eliminate 90% or more of an ingested amount of iodine in the urine over a 24-hour period.


–    An iodine-deficient person - will tend to hold onto an ingested amount of iodine if they do not have an optimal amount of body-iodine, and a smaller amount will be found in the urine during the 24-hour collection period.


–   Method:

(1) Empty bladder

(2) Ingest 50 mg of iodine/iodide

(3) Measure total urine for 24 hours

(4) Send urine sample to a laboratory to be tested for iodine content.

Energy match method - Greater tissue accuracy and exact location of storage sites.

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