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Natural EMFs beneficial to body's health

Natural EMFs  - Sun's Electromagnetic Radiation

“Everything in life is vibration” - Albert Einstein

The sun radiates an electromagnetic spectrum into space over a range of frequencies - from zero frequency (a static field) to trillions of cycles per second, which electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) we have named:

✔ Radio waves

✔ Microwaves

✔ Infrared

✔ Visible light

✔ Ultraviolet

✔ X-rays

✔ Gamma rays

The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength (the distance between one wave and the next) and the greater the amount of energy in the field

✔ Microwave frequency fields ( with wavelengths of several inches) - have enough energy to cause heating in conducting material.

✔ UV light - is capable of causing sunburn.

✔ Higher frequencies like X-rays and gamma rays - cause ionization (the breaking of molecular bonds), which can damage genetic material.

The narrow band of visible light represents 43% of the sun's total radiant energy emitted - Only the visible, radio, near infrared, and some UV electromagnetic radiation frequencies are able to reach Earth's surface from space.

Sunlight (Sun's visible, UV and NIR frequencies (E.g. visible light has a frequency range of 430-770 THz (a tera Hertz = 1012 Hz).)

–   Shining directly on the body - visible light, ultraviolet and infrared rays can enter the body through its well established acupuncture points on the skin, and through the eyes, which are especially electrically conductive.

–   Plants store the sun's energy via photosynthesis –we can receive the sun's energy by eating plants.The greater the capacity of a plant to store light, the greater its nutritional health value. Organic, uncooked, fresh vegetables, fruits, algae, grasses and herbs, free-range eggs (from hens feeding on greens), and essential oils, all contain high sun-energy. Flaxseed and spirulina are especially high in light-energy, as are raw nuts and seeds and grains. It is the sun's energy in plants that is utilized in aromatherapy, flower essences and homeopathy.

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