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Sickly Sweet - Highly Refined / Processed Sugars Detrimental to Health

Table sugar (Sucrose)

Americans consume table sugar in excessive amounts with serious health consequences

The U.S. per capita intake of table sugar (sucrose) is about 64 pounds a year. USDA.

Refined sugar is in many processed products: E.g. spaghetti sauce, salad dressing, peanut butter, mayonnaise, and ketchup;

Excessive consumption of refined sugar is taking its toll on health.   The following links address the specific health concerns of over-consumption of sugar(and HFCS) and offer ways to reduce intake of these substances:

Too much sugar - A common addiction adversely affecting health

Too much fructose - Burdens liver / Increases inflammation / Favors fat production

If I were president . . .

To get across the reality of how much sugar is in a product, this author would change product labeling amounts for sugar from grams or ounces into teaspoons:

1 ounce of sugar / 28.35 grams = ~7 teaspoons

Consider, for example:

Product Teaspoons of sugar
Coco Cola vitamin water (20 oz) (Should be called “sugar water”) 8
Oscar Mayer Lunchables crackers, turkey & American cheese 7 ¾
Coca-Cola Classic (12 oz can) 8 ¼
Yoplait original yogurt (6 oz) ~7
Starbucks Caffé Vanilla Frappuccino Blended Coffee Whip (16 oz) 15
Cranberry Juice (Ocean Spray 100% Juice/no sugar added)(8 oz) - sugar comes from fruit juices 8 ½

To figure number of teaspoons of sugar:

Divide # of grams by 4.    Look at the label where it says "total sugars" and divide the number of grams by four. This computation alone should scare you away!

Multiple # of ounces by 7.

Don't you think that seeing those teaspoon amounts would likely hit home and make you think twice before consuming them?   Then . . . I NEED YOUR VOTE! :)

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Attend to Diet, Lifestyle & Emotional State

N E W  S T A R T S

C-Reactive Protein - Reliable Inflammation Marker
hot flame


Chronic low-level inflammation (CLII) involved in almost all health problems

How to treat CLII

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT)


       "The medical kit of the future"

The Body Electric

General electrotherapy health benefits.   Used systemically and/or locally at specific problem areas of the body, its effective application has many benefits:

Detoxification Wellness / Healthy aging Pain relief 
Relief from insomnia Immune system restoral Anti-Inflammatory
Maximizes cellular energy production Accelerated tissue /bone
/scar healing
Stress Reduction
Muscle relaxation / rehabilitation Increased blood oxygen
/ circulation

There are several reasonably affordable electrotherapy devices available for personal use. The following electrotherapies are those that have received a significant amount of positive feedback:

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) applies specific frequency patterns to the head area, with the following benefits:

Balances neurotransmitters Relieves pain Treats depression
Substance abuse withdrawal Relieves insomnia Relieve stress / anxiety
Anti-Inflammatory Fibromyalgia +++