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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy):

PEMF therapy produces antimicrobial broadband ultrasound

PEMFs produces antimicrobial broadband ultrasound

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(Many thanks to physicist Gary Wade for his invaluable information on this subject)

Two different phenomena of PEMFs can produce broadband ultrasound frequencies lethal to microbes in body solutions:

How does broadband ultrasound destroy microbes?

(1) High intensity PEMFs generate broadband ultrasound by causing periodic movement in water molecules

When placed in a crossed electric and magnetic field, any charged particles will execute the periodic movement back and forth shown in this diagram (the magnetic field (B) is perpendicular to the plane of the page; the electric field (E) is in the plane of the page) - In particular, dissociated hydrogen ions (H+) in water (1 molecule per 1,000,000 molecules of water is dissociated) attempting to execute this motion will collide with and also move about adjacent water molecules, causing them to move in a similar periodic fashion.

  • The periodic movement of the water molecules generates ultrasound

• The frequencies generated are directly dependent on the strength of the alternating magnetic field present.

• The amplitude (or displacement) of oscillation is directly proportional to the electric field strength,  which itself is directly proportional to how fast the magnetic field strength is changing.

To generate high frequency ultrasound together with a large amplitude (displacement) sufficient to disable microbes in the area of interest, requires a high intensity, rapidly changing EMF.   This is achieved by rapidly discharging a high voltage capacitor through an appropriately designed wire coil.

E.g. SOTA Magnetic Pulser

[Note: dissociated hydroxyl ions in water (OH-) will also execute periodic motion in electromagnetic field, but at a lower frequency than the H+, since OH- has a larger mass].


(2) PEMFs generate broadband ultrasound by producing charge density waves and eddy currents

The transient electric field associated with a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) (such as produced by a Voltage Square Wave (VSW)) generates CHARGE DENSITY WAVES in your body's electrolytic fluids (salt solutions) with associated electric fields - which when strong enough, generate broad range ultrasound that can effectively deactivate micro-organisms in the blood and interstitial fluids. Also, antimicrobial, oscillating, electrical EDDY CURRENTS are produced in the body fluids between and around tissue cells.

  • A virus loses its ability to attach to or enter (i.e. infect) a new cell, and becomes vulnerable to destruction by the body's immune system

  • Bacteria (and their endotoxins) are destroyed.   Many bacteria release endotoxins, which can disrupt normal, healthy cellular activities.

How do charge density waves (with Associated Electric Fields) and eddy currents generate broadband ultrasound?

A rapidly changing magnetic field (from EITHER a magnetic pulser treatment coil OR the polarity switching when using voltage square waves through electrodes) generates a transient, rapidly changing electric field at the body tissue interfaces . . .

A rapidly changing electric field  (applied to the boundary layer (e.g. your dead skin layer or bone/flesh interface) of the body's salt solutions (i.e. blood plasma and interstitial fluid containing +ve and -ve ions such as H+,Na+, K+, Cl-, Mg++, Ca++, HCO2-, OH-) can generate CHARGE DENSITY WAVES (a moving ion concentration excess or depletion of an ion type) and also EDDY CURRENTS in the body's salt solution (electrolytic fluids) . . .

HOW Charge density waves can create broadband ultrasound

Charge density waves in the salt solutions can have strong electric fields at the front of the moving wave which vibrate cell membranes and produce ultrasound.   These electric fields are associated with the interface between the moving charge density wave front and the undisturbed ionic medium through which the waves are propagating. As the charge density waves pass through the body, the associated electric field interacts with charged structures such as the dipole charges on all cell membranes, and by vibrating the cell membranes like the diaphragm of a sound speaker, they produce broadband ultrasound  . . .

If the electric field associated with the charge density wave is strong enough, the broadband ultrasound produced can disable viruses and bacteria.    Accomplished by altering the structure of delicate proteins on, for example:

(1) The surfaces of virus capsid coats (causing the virus to be unable to attach itself to target cells)

(2) Bacterial surfaces extending into their environment by molecular tubules and fibers (These proteins / enzymes are essential for bacterial functions, and so bacteria are effectively deactivated).

(a) How fast the magnetic field polarity flip / reversal is completed

(b) The overall magnitude of the magnetic field

Examples of charge density activity include:

(1) Neutralizing Snake Venom.   Proteins of snake venom are denatured by charge density waves generated from shocking the snake bite region with high voltage discharges from the spark coil of a car. (The Lancet, July 1986)

(2) Destruction of HIV virus.   The HIV virus has a glycoprotein molecule known as gp-120 displayed on it's surface, which is designed to match up and attach to the CD4 protein on the target cell membrane.If the gp-120 glycoprotein is altered by the transient electric field from the charge density wave, it can not attach to CD4, and thus the virus can not infect the target cells. i.e. the virus is effectively destroyed. Other viruses can be similarly deactivated.

(3) Food processors.    Use PEMFs as a method to neutralize microbes in food.

HOW ELectrical eddy currents can create broadband ultrasound

Broadband ultrasound is generated by ions in body fluids executing cycloidal motion, due to the presence of the crossed magnetic and electric fields generated in the body by an oscillating magnetic field treatment.    Each pulse produces millions of tiny, oscillating eddy currents (~50-100 mA) briefly flowing in circles. As the magnetic field expands at the beginning of a pulse, the currents circle in one direction; as it collapses, they reverse. These induced eddy currents are of a type not normally found in the body. (“Body Electric”- Dr. Robert O. Becker et al, pg. 177). When the ringing electrical eddy currents produce electric current flow densities in the blood or other body fluids in the range of 100 mA /cm2 -200,000 mA /cm2, they begin to deactivate viruses and microbes in the body.



Some "Tools" used to apply PEMF therapy

PEMFs applied to skin destroy microorganisms in body

E.g. by using the   SOTA Silver Pulser

A very low-voltage, low frequency square wave (i.e. a PEMF) is applied to the bare skin using two electrodes.    One electrode is at a relative positive voltage and the other is at a relative negative voltage and the two electrodes switch polarity back and forth periodically. Several things happen to the tissue exposed to a voltage square wave, which are detrimental to microorganisms:

(1) Very high frequency ultrasound is associated with short duration sonic pings generated in the dead skin layer during the polarity switch.    By adjusting the sonic ping rates (i.e. the square wave frequency), a particular ultrasound frequency can be enhanced which will destroy a particular microbe.

(2) Broadband Ultrasound is produced from generated charge density waves.   During polarity switch, the charged salt ions of your body fluid reorganize their positions and concentrations just under the dead skin layer adjacent to the electrode. This reorganization process generates charge density waves of the various ion type present and these charge density wave travel away from the skin surface into the body, including the bloodstream. The charge density waves have associated electric fields, which when strong enough, generate broadband ultrasound that will deactivate microorganisms.

(3) Generates periodic forces, which generate periodic mechanical vibration.   The electric current flowing in the tissue from the applied electrode voltage has an electric field associated with it. As this electric field from the voltage square wave periodically changes direction, it places periodic forces on charged particles and charged structures in the tissue, which generates periodic mechanical vibration. The frequencies of mechanical vibration generated are odd multiples (1,3,5,7. . .) of the voltage square wave frequency. So if one of these frequencies (or their subharmonics 1/3, 1/5, 1/7 etc) closely matches the lethal ultrasound frequency of a particular microbe and the intensity is high enough, the microbe can be destroyed.

 E.g. The SOTA Silver Pulser has a base frequency of 3.92 Hz, but outputs a voltage square wave, which produces several harmonic (multiples of base) frequencies, including 7.84 Hz. (which is within the Earth's Schumann frequency range).  The SOTA SIlver Pulser produces 50 - 100 mA in the blood, which has been shown to deactivate microbes.

High Intensity PEMFs generate broadband ultrasound lethal to microbes

(E.g. Using SOTA Magnetic Pulser)

(1) Via the generation of charge density waves and their associated electric fields

(2) By causing periodic movement in water molecules

To produce a high intensity PEMF requires a high voltage capacitor to be discharged through a coil, whereby the electric current oscillates back and forth between the coil and the capacitor for approximately 10 oscillations (for most capacitor and coil combinations of therapeutic interest), each oscillation cycle is a little weaker than the previous one. During each of these ring down oscillations a crossed electric and magnetic field is generated in animal tissue with the concurrent generation of broad band ultrasound, which can destroy the critical periodically spaced, elastically coupled, closed-on-themselves protein structures of microbes.

The maximum ultrasound frequency generated by a high intensity PEMF is sufficient to disable many microbes.   a 10,000 gauss magnet can generate a maximum 10 MHz. ultrasound frequency.Many microbes can be expected to have one of their lethal ultrasound frequencies below 10 MHz.

Therapeutic high-intensity PEMFs are typically a rapidly changing PEMF of at least 20,000 Hz at the inter-coil winding flux, changing in ~ 1 ms,, and lasting a few milliseconds (up to 500 ms in some devices).

We are only interested in those that produce high frequency ringing magnetic fields. For example, machines that have a wire coil of 8 inches internal diameter or larger that produce a transient oscillating magnetic field that changes in strength at a rate of thousands of gauss per second and the magnetic field polarity changes many tens of thousands of time per second, each time power is pulsed into the coil. In other words a pulsed high frequency ringing magnetic field. In my experimental work on pulsed ringing magnetic fields of the type just mentioned, I have found several very useful and beneficial effects (ref. 9). Namely, the production of in the body tissue ofcharge density waves, and oscillating electric eddy currents from a ringing electric field.

Some Technical details on SOTA Magnetic Pulser.    A capacitor is charged up to provide a working voltage of at least 300 V. This will provide 27 Joules of energy to generate the necessary current through the coil to produce the intense magnetic field (measured in Gauss or Tesla) to induce a current of 50-100mA up to 9 inches into tissue. At the inter-coil winding flux the field measures 43,133 Gauss, but this drops off proportionally to the distance squared away from the magnetic core. At the face of the Magnetic Coil, the Gauss has dropped to ~6,000 Gauss, sufficient to induce 50-100 mA of current up to 9 inches into body tissue and generate up to 6 MHz. ultrasound frequency. During a pulse, the capacitor is discharged for 2.5 ms, which is long enough to be effective. The pulse rise time is <1.8 ms. 



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General electrotherapy health benefits.   Used systemically and/or locally at specific problem areas of the body, its effective application has many benefits:

Detoxification Wellness / Healthy aging Pain relief 
Relief from insomnia Immune system restoral Anti-Inflammatory
Maximizes cellular energy production Accelerated tissue /bone
/scar healing
Stress Reduction
Muscle relaxation / rehabilitation Increased blood oxygen
/ circulation

There are several reasonably affordable electrotherapy devices available for personal use. The following electrotherapies are those that have received a significant amount of positive feedback:

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) applies specific frequency patterns to the head area, with the following benefits:

Balances neurotransmitters Relieves pain Treats depression
Substance abuse withdrawal Relieves insomnia Relieve stress / anxiety
Anti-Inflammatory Fibromyalgia +++