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THE BODY ELECTRIC - EMFS IN THE BODY - How Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) affect us

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Around Us

How EMFs Affect Us


   The Cell Membrane Responds to its Chemical and Electromagnetic Environment

   Cells “Receive” (Resonate with) Electromagnetic Energy from Specific Sources

   NATURAL EMF Energy Sources increase the Cell Vibrational EMF and Cell “Battery” Voltage



The Cell Membrane Responds to chemicals

 and ElectroMagnetic Environment


      The cell membrane senses both chemical (e.g. chemicals, neurotransmitters, ions) and energetic (e.g. electromagnetic) signals from its environment via the ECM (Extracellular Matrix), and converts these signals into a cellular action


-       Receptors and Effectors - The cell membrane is spanned by Receptor Proteins and Effector Proteins.

Ion movement affects Cell “Battery” Voltage -  In the activated state, a signal-selected ion-channel enables positively charged mineral ions to enter or leave the cell and thus to change the energetic state or “battery” voltage of the cell. Different EMF frequencies can either provoke an increase in the cell “battery” level or depolarize the potential difference across the cell membrane  (running down the  cell "battery").


         Receptors - acting as “Antennae”, are the cell’s "sense" organs - the equivalents of eyes, ears, nose, etc. It is generally known that these “antennae” respond to external signaling molecules, such as hormones, however they also respond to environmental EMFs. When these “antennae” receive specific activating EMF signals from their environment, they stimulate (by coupling with)  signal-selected effector proteins


         Effector proteins  (gated ion-channels or carriers) - E.g Stimulated ion-channels open and route charged mineral ions (electrolytes) into or out of the cell, thereby triggering a certain metabolic pathway or other reaction.






      Thus, frequency-specific receptor proteins in the cell membrane recognize the environment by converting energies of the electromagnetic spectrum (eg. light, sound, x-rays, radio waves, microwaves, ELF frequencies) into a biological action, by activating effector proteins - Physicist Gary Wade and associates found that each ion gate type on our cell membranes has its own specific frequency which makes it open up.


EMFs can also activate enzyme systems, regulate genetic processes

 and affect the Cell’s “Battery” Voltage.


      External EMFs from our environment can affect the natural EMFs present in the ECM and thus control behavior/condition of cells and tissues - Depending on the external EMF, this can be either an adverse or constructive effect.


-       Specific Frequencies Control and Regulate Biological Functions – Most of the electromagnetic research on humans has identified individual frequencies which control and regulate certain biological functions. For over 20 years, the scientist Prof. Hans Kempe analyzed and characterized the unique spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies contained in the human body. Kempe’s work determined that every human cell shows exactly 62 determining, basic frequencies, each of which contains millions of exactly time-controlled and voltage-regulated frequency patterns. Kempe also found that the 62 basic frequencies are identical in all people, however, their amplitude is different. These 62 basic frequencies determine and crucially regulate human anatomy and physiology. To further his line of research, in 1996, Kempe promoted a Private Research Institute for Modulated Energies in Switzerland, constituting an international “Think-Tank” of dozens of highly skilled professionals from the fields of medicine, cell biology, nuclear physics, biomedical engineering, immunology, chemistry and electronics.




Cells “Receive” (Resonate With) Electromagnetic Energy

 from Specific Sources


      A cell is an electromagnetic resonator, able to absorb and amplify its own specific electromagnetic radiation frequency or energy (the amount of energy (E) is proportional to the radiation frequency (f), but the resonance effect is such that the maximum amplitude of the cell’s vibration will be greater than the original amplitude).


E  =  f / wavelength


-       Some analogies of the resonation concept


         Consider two identically-tuned guitars in a room - Plucking a string on one guitar will cause the identical string on the other guitar to sound. The second guitar’s string is said to resonate with the first.


         Similarly, you may have noticed your home’s window panes shake when your stereo bass is turned up too high - This is because the pane has the same resonant frequency of a specific bass note.


         Then, there is the classic example of resonance, as the opera singer’s certain shrill note can vibrate a glass enough to break it


In each of these examples, energy has been introduced into the resonating receiver – the unplayed guitar, the window pane or the glass. EMF energy of a cell (its vibrational energy) can be both received and emitted.


      Natural Polyunsaturated Fats - Naturally processed, polyunsaturated fats are constituents of our body’s cell membranes and contain electron “clouds” (called pi-electrons), which vibrate with the natural energy frequencies received from the sun while they were growing. These electrons resonate with the sun’s rays, or any other solar EMF absorbed by your body (e.g from sun-grown produce, herbs), thus attracting (and enabling the cell “antennae” to better “tune into”) natural, solar EMFs to be used for increasing the cell “battery” voltage.



Natural EMF Energy Sources Increase the cell Vibrational EMF

 and Cell  “battery” Voltage


      Natural EMF energy sources regulate the cell membrane ion channels to improve the “battery” voltage of the cell - This “battery” power is used by the cell to better produce energy, which increases the cell’s overall vibrational EMF energy, indicating the improved health and function of the cell.



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