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GSE Natural alternatives to cure CVD - "TOOLS" Against CVD / HBP - Strengthen vascular wall

'Tools" against CVD / HBP

–   Strengthen vascular wall

Optimize cholesterol levels without statin drugs and their inherent health risks

Vitamins C and E are instrumental in building cell wall - Vitamin C is required to make collagen to strengthen arterial wall connective tissue; also, vitamins C and E are required for the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), crucial ingredients in the "cement" that holds the arterial lining cells in place, protecting them from damage.

–   Rath-Pauling Therapy - High dose vitamin C, Lysine, and Proline

✔ Strengthens arterial wall

✔ Removes plaque

✔ Supplies antioxidant vitamin C

Rath-Pauling Therapy –To strengthen the vascular wall

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