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Why is Rath - Pauling Cure Ignored?

Why is the Medical Profession not Utilizing the Rath/Pauling Therapy for Iscaemic CVD?

The medical profession and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) were not interested or impressed with the Rath/Pauling findings. The idea that cardiovascular disease was due to a simple nutritional deficiency and that a simple regimen of inexpensive nutrients and low-level exercise to get those nutrients to circulate, was very threatening to a medical system geared to and economically dependent on invasive medical procedures and expensive prescription drugs. Drug companies and for-profit hospitals have hundreds of billions of dollars at stake in investment and future revenues in conventional heart and vascular therapy. If they were to become common knowledge, the Rath/Pauling findings and therapy would eradicate cardiovascular disease in humans.

Twice the NIH flatly refused to fund studies of the regimen, citing extraneous "technicalities" for not proceeding. The National Academy of Sciences first accepted, then without reason canceled publication of Pauling and Rath's definitive paper on the cause of cardiovascular disease, despite Pauling being an honored member of the Academy, one of the founders of modern chemistry and molecular biology, and the only recipient of two unshared Nobel Prizes.

The Pauling/Rath Unified Theory Paper (PDF) not published by the National Academy of Sciences:


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