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TESTOSTERONE - Predominately Male Hormone

TESTOSTERONE is a sex steroid hormone with tissue-building and androgenic (masculizing) effects:

✔  Responsible for male characteristics;

✔  Plays a large role in male sexual development

✔  Influences libido

✔  Regulates basic metabolism

✔  Stimulates red blood cell production

✔  Hinders excessive production of free radicals

✔  Facilitates protein synthesis / Builds body tissues

TESTOSTERONE is produced in testes, ovaries, and adrenal cortex


- Directly activates Androgen Receptors (ARs) - and can affect changes in muscle and brain

-  Converts to:

✔   ESTRADIOL (via aromatase enzyme) – activating ARs to affect changes particularly in hair, brain and bone

✔  DHT (via 5AR enzyme) - activating ARs to affect changes particularly in skin and prostate

Description: metabolitestestosterone

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