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Testing for Hormone Levels

There are 3 ways to test hormone levels

✔ Blood          ✔ Saliva           ✔ Urine

Blood tests for active Hormones are irrelevant

Blood tests measure only the protein-bound hormones not the free, bioavailable (active) hormones – Hormones, such as estrogen and PROGESTERONE are fat soluble, i.e. not dissolvable in water, and must be attached to a protein to be transported in the blood to the appropriate organ.

Many hormones are secreted in a pulsatile fashion.    Causes blood levels fluctuate;

Conventional medicine persists in using serum tests rather than urine or saliva tests – since results are incorrectly low, physicians are apt to greatly over-dose their patients, resulting in success rates usually < 30%.

Saliva test

Transdermally absorbed hormones are biologically active (not protein bound) and show up in the mucins of saliva.    Therefore saliva hormone radioimmunoassay (RIA) is a relevant and convenient way to measure how much transdermal, free estrogen, PROGESTERONE , TESTOSTERONE, DHEA and other fat soluble hormones are actually available to carry messages to other organs. Women experiencing perimenopausal symptoms will almost always have salivary hormone levels that reflect a PROGESTERONE deficiency, estrogen excess or both.

What are normal saliva levels for hormones

Normal saliva PROGESTERONE level.   About 0.3-0.5 ng/ml. With 1.5ng/ml at the upper limit.

You can order saliva tests to determine your hormone levels online. Here are some example sites:

John R. Lee. M.D.

Urine test

A 24 hour urine test is the most accurate testing method for hormone levels - advocated by Dr. Jonothon Wright, who along with Dr. Lee, is considered a pioneer in introducing bioidentical hormone therapy in the U.S..

E.g. PROGESTERONE has two forms in the blood







CBG (43-48%)

Albumin (50-54%)

Serum (10%)

(watery, non-cellular part)



Being water-soluble, the protein-bound hormones pass through the kidneys and are excreted in the urine.



RBCs, Fat cells, uterus, brain, saliva



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