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1-2-3 Cancer Treatment Plan

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1-2-3 PLAN:   (1) Cancer Treatment Core  - "Cancer NOT Allowed!"

The Cancer Diet

Your cancer protocol is only as good as your cancer diet

A good diet will discourage cancer growth and a bad diet will promote cancer cells

Make every bite and gulp count!

Let's begin with foods the cancer patient should NOT eat

Foods / drinks that strengthen the cancer cells and/or feed microbes in the body

Sugar (Minimize/avoidintake in all forms, but especially fructose).   Includes high fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, and of course sodas and desserts. Keep fructose intake to <15g/day (including from fruit)

How much Fructose in Fruit

Cancer “Loves” sugar

Cancer cells produce energy by the very inefficient method of fermenting sugar, yielding lactic acid as a by-product - Lactic acid not only lowers cancer tissue pH to favor its growth, but it also must be processed by the liver, diverting this important organ from its other responsibilities. The combined effect of having your food supply “stolen”together with the build up of lactic-acid leaves you tired and undernourished.

Glucose and fructose (components of table sugar) decrease the capacity of immune system white cell neutrophils from destroying invaders

Cancer cells seem to prefer fructose for cell division contributing to metastasis

Excess sugar drives INSULIN resistance.  As much as 80% of all cancers are "driven by either mutations or environmental factors that work to enhance or mimic the effect of INSULIN on the incipient tumor cells,"

-  Lewis Cantley, director of the Cancer Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center at Harvard Medical School

Minimal alcohol, coffee.   These increase active sympathetic nervous actiivity and block healing/detoxifying parasympathetic activity, as does sugar.

Foods/Drinks that cause or promote cancer

Trans fats - E.g. margarine, french fries, most processed food;

Aspartame /sucralose.  E.g. Diet Coke, NutraSweet, Equal;


High temperature-processed polyunsaturated oils.   Typical grocery store oils, fried food (E.g.potato chips, tortilla chips, donuts, french-fries) ;

Foods grown with pesticides/herbicides, genetically modified or with chemical additives.   i.e. not organic,

Milk containing rBGH;

CAFO Meat.   Meat from CAFO (Confined Animal Farming Operation) / “Factory-farmed” animals contain antibiotics, growth hormones, other drugs,especially concentrated in their fat; CAFO meat often contains parasites.

Chlorinated water.   Also filter it out of your shower water to avoid breathing the chlorine fumes during a hot shower;

High-temp cooked meat Creates carcinogenic heterocyclic amines;

Foods that overtax the body's energy supplies or distract the immune system from focusing on removing the cancer cells

Excessive consumption of nuts, seeds or meat (even if grass-fed and organic).   Too many nuts/seeds or too much meat creates acidity in the body conducive to cancer well-being; their digestion uses up proteolytic enzymes need to “decloak”fibrin coating around cancer cells to enable the immune system to “get at”them.

What you SHOULD eat when dealing with cancer - Make every bite and gulp count!

Foods that contain nutrients that kill cancer cells, stop the spread of cancer, or in some other way help fight the cancer

Supercharge the Diet

Nourish the body with minerals, enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants.   Ideally these should be obtained from food, otherwise use supplements which are bioavailable.  Ensure your diet provides sufficient alkalizing minerals and include sufficient fiber and water to support elimination processes;

Include a WHOLE FOOD Green Drink Supplement.   An essential part of the CANCER TREATMENT CORE taken 2-3 times /day

Green Drink

Fresh-made soups and stews are a good way to retain vitamins.   Add garlic, mushrooms, onions, herbs, cayenne pepper and Celtic sea or himalayan salt, mineral-rich root vegetables (E.g. rutabaga, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, but not potatoes), brussel sprouts (cut in half), cauiflower, cabbage, celery, peas etc

Don't overcook foods.   Steaming is a good way to cook vegetables and still retain vitamins

Fast-spreading cancers require either: 

Brandt Grape Diet

Budwig Daily Meal Plan for Cancer or other Serious Health Problems

•  All foods should be ORGANIC 

•  Varied / organic Vegetables

•  Both raw and cooked vegetables

•  Some daily animal/fish protein

•  MINIMAL nuts, GRAINS and seeds

•  Prefer raw milk (from clean source) to pasteurized milk

Anti-angiogenic foods

Many, if not all, of the foods in this chart prevent angiogenesisThis is the formation of new blood vessels as supply lines for cancer cells. Without these nutrient supply lines cancer cells can not grow or spread.

Dietary Sources of Anti-ANGIOGENIC Foods

Green/Black tea

Red wine

Lavender tea


Bok Choy




Sea cucumber





Maitake mushroom










Olive oil



Grapeseed oil


Brassica (Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts)

Dark chocolate




Red grapes w/seeds & skin

Ginger root



Meat, milk and  cheese (preferably from non-pasteurized milk), and eggs.    ORGANIC, from PASTURED (i.e. grass-fed) animals/birds

But consumed in moderation!

-   Provide important sulfur-containing amino acids.   Help chelate toxic metals and support liver detoxification pathways. Also, sulfur-rich vegetables include cabbage, radish, garlic and onion families.

 Provide natural vitamin A and D

-   Provide important vitamin B12.   Needed both for producing energy, and also for production of the important antioxidant and sleep hormone MELATONIN. If you choose a strict vegetarian diet it is essential that you supplement vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 -“Energy Vitamin”

-   Meat should not be overcooked, nor cooked over high heat (E.g. barbequed).

-   Of the usual meats, LAMB is very nutritious, chicken has least nutrients, and pig meat is OFF the menu! (it carries toxins)

-   Eggs are best eaten lightly poached or boiled (with somewhat runny yolks / i.e. don't overcook) -scrambled is not such a good choice (oxidizes cholesterol producing radicals).

Eating animal protein uses up pancreatic enzymes.  These enzymes are needed to break down fibrin coating around cancer cells, aid immune system cancer killing agents (interferon, TNF-α), and deal with inflammation.

•  Not eating protein after 1pm allows 18 hours free and clear for the pancreatic enzymes to be just working on breaking down the fibrin coating around cancer cells - and not breaking down food proteins.

•  Do NOT eliminate protein from your diet - pancreatic enzymes themselves are made of amino acids.

•  Unrefined whey protein from raw milk of 100% grass-pastured cows offers a good alternative protein source - free of antibiotics and steroids; do not use whey protein isolates, which have a tendency to oxidize (go rancid) and contain unnatural d-form isomers. This is also one of the best ways to boost levels of the body's primary antioxidant for protecting the cell cytoplasm, especially if doing a biooxidative therapy - i.e. glutathione. Glutathione supplementation is not recommended if having chemotherapy, since it may interefere with treatment.

Quality, reasonably priced source of whey protein (comes in different flavors):

Mercola.com 1# costs~$28/# (if order 3#)

Eat wild-caught (not farmed) fish with fins and scales / NO shellfish!    SImilar to the pig, shellfish and fish without fins and scales do a great job of cleaning-up the planet, which is exactly why you don't want to eat them. Wild-caught salmon and trout are good choices.

Other things to mention

Grains, nuts, seeds and legumes should be used sparingly and also properly prepared to reduce anti-nutrients.   This is done by traditional methods and usually requires some combination of sprouting, soaking and/or souring (in the case of grains).

Necessary trace minerals are obtained by using Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt

Fiber is best obtained from cooked vegetables

-    Also include 2-3 tablespoons ground flax seed.   Not only keeps you regular, but it also supplies some anti-inflammatory, energy-increasing omega-3 fat. Integrate into the suggested daily Budwig Breakfast Cereal recipe

Foods that build and support the immune system

-   Garlic and onions.  In moderation - as with most things, too many can have detrimental effects - in this case on the nervous system

-   Quality, organic yogurt.   Daily serving containing~20 billion probiotic organisms. To help choose brand, see:

How to increase body's probiotic presence

 Foods containing proteolytic enzymes:    pineapple, papaya, sprouts, ginger root, fermented soy, raw foods, nuts/seeds/legumes (necessary to soak overnight to aid their digestibilityand remove anti-nutrients, such as phytate and enzyme inhibitors)

How to Boost body's Systemic Proteolytic Enzymes

Broccoli Sprouts (contain I3C) particularly for estrogen-sensitive cancers (reproductive organ cancers, lung cancer) - I3C is a component of brassica vegetables (E.g. Brussel sprouts, bok choy, broccoli, kale, chard, turnips), but has an especially high content in broccoli sprouts. You will need to find and grow some organic broccoil seeds. I3C is far superior to theanti-estrogen drug Tamoxifen, and actually works independently of estrogen . I3C is available as a broccoli sprout extract.

Alkalise Your Diet

Cancer cells cannot thrive in an alkaline environment

 Extracellular fluid (includes blood plasma and interstitial fluid bathing the outside of cells) should ideally have a pH of ~ 7.35.    If this tends towards a more acidic pH, the stage is set for initiating cancer. Unfortunately, cancer cells not only thrive in an acid environment, but their anaerobic respiration of glucose produces lactic acid, which also perpetuates acid conditions conducive to their growth.

Today, diet is probably the main contributor pushing extracellular fluid levels to be more acidic than ideal.   Although there are other culprits, such as drugs, pollution, turbulent emotions and thoughts, hectic living, emotional/mental stress, lack of exercise, and trauma.

Which are the alkalizing foods?

Fresh fruit and raw, lightly steamed and juiced vegetables are central to alkalizing your diet.    Emphasizing greener vegetables and low/medium glycemic indexed fruit; carrot and green apple are a favorite and delicious juicing combination;

-   Use an auger-type juicer for juicing.  It does not produce enzyme-destroying heat like that of the centrifuge-types. Good auger-type brands include the Champion, Green Star, Samson

Alkalizing Beverages

-   Sparkling water -provides bicarbonate/alkalinity

-   Diluted lemon juice - made with 1/2 a fresh-squeezed lemon.

-   Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail.  DRINK 1 TABLESPOON ACV with 1 TEASPOON RAW honey (dissolve in a little warm water) in a glass of water 3 times daily

Some foods are "acid-forming" and some are "alkaline-forming".   When foods are broken down, they leave certain chemical /metallic residues (sometimes called a noncombustible "ash"), which when combined with body fluids, yield either acid or alkaline solutions.

-   Acid-forming foods, such as protein, sodas, sugar, grains, caffeine, dairy and processed foods, should be balanced with alkaline mineral-containing fruits and vegetables.    The general recommendation is to consume about 75% alkaline-forming foods and 25% acid-forming foods.

-   Citrus fruits (E.g. lemon) and raw apple cider vinegar actually alkalize the body.   TThis is because they contain alkalizing minerals.

To see which foods have an alkaline effect and which have an acidic effect on the body:

Acid/Alkaline Foods Charts

To understand more about the importance of maintaining an acid-alkaline balance in the body:

Body's Acid-Alkaline Balance

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Attend to Diet, Lifestyle & Emotional State

N E W  S T A R T S

C-Reactive Protein - Reliable Inflammation Marker
hot flame


Chronic low-level inflammation (CLII) involved in almost all health problems

How to treat CLII

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT)


       "The medical kit of the future"

The Body Electric

General electrotherapy health benefits.   Used systemically and/or locally at specific problem areas of the body, its effective application has many benefits:

Detoxification Wellness / Healthy aging Pain relief 
Relief from insomnia Immune system restoral Anti-Inflammatory
Maximizes cellular energy production Accelerated tissue /bone
/scar healing
Stress Reduction
Muscle relaxation / rehabilitation Increased blood oxygen
/ circulation

There are several reasonably affordable electrotherapy devices available for personal use. The following electrotherapies are those that have received a significant amount of positive feedback:

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) applies specific frequency patterns to the head area, with the following benefits:

Balances neurotransmitters Relieves pain Treats depression
Substance abuse withdrawal Relieves insomnia Relieve stress / anxiety
Anti-Inflammatory Fibromyalgia +++