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Brain cancer

Brain Tumor / Cancer

Whether benign or malignant, a brain tumor can cause damage to adjacent brain tissue

A brain tumor is a group of abnormal cells in or near the brain

Both malignant and benign brain tumors can damage brain tissue.   Either directly, by damaging nearby healthy cells or indirectly, as a consequence of inflammation / swelling / crowding, which applies pressure to areas in the skull, which may cause problems, some of which may be life-threatening.

• A benign brain tumor:  grows slowly, has distinct boundaries, and rarely spreads to nearby brain areas.

• A malignant brain tumor (i.e. Brain cancer): grows quickly, has irregular boundaries, and usually spreads to nearby brain areas, but rarely to organs outside the brain or spine.


Primary or metastatic brain cancer?

Primary brain tumors: originate in brain tissue;  can be either malignant (brain cancer) or benign. Primary brain cancer does not usually metastasize to areas outside the brain or spine.

Metastatic brain tumors:  cancer cells in brain tumor have traveled from another location via the blood or lymph; nearly always malignant,


Brain cancer grade

Tumor cells are analyzed under a microscope and graded according to: cell muliplication rate, extent of blood supply to cells, amount of necrosis (dead cancer cells) in the middle of the tumor, if the cells are confined and how different they are to normal cells.


Causes of brain cancer

Basically unknown, possibly environmental or genetic


Symptoms of a brain tumor

Symptoms of a brain tumor include:  headaches, nausea, vomiting, seizures, behavior changes, memory loss, and vision or hearing problems.


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