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(2) Eliminate Cancer Cells

Vitamin C Therapy

Cancer patients are nearly always depleted of vitamin C –the more extensive the cancer, the lower the levels of C. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy further deplete the body's vitamin C.

Cancer-related benefits of HIGH vitamin C intake:

–    Helps prevent metastases, whichMOST IMPORTANTLY HELPS BUY TIME FOR OTHER PROTOCOLS TO WORK -Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of collagen, the main ingredient in connective tissue. The breaking strength of new tissue is 3-6 times greater in the presence of abundant vitamin C. Vitamin C is a component of the Rath Cellular Therapy, which should be included in any cancer-fighting protocol to strengthen connective tissue and thus prevent cancer cells from spreading.

–    Causes manufacture of more antibody and "complement" protein molecules - involved in the process of foreign and malignant cell destruction.

–    Causes lymphocyte formation rate to triple at 10 g /day - foreign and malignant cells are mainly attacked and destroyed by cell-eating lymphocytes. "A malignant tumor is often observed to be infiltrated with lymphocytes, and a high degree of lymphocyte infiltration is now accepted as a reliable indicator of a favorable outcome of the disease."

–    Helps the body to encapsulate a tumor - in a thick layer of collagen fibrils (scar tissue).

–    Increases the patient's ability to withstand heavy doses of radiation - radiation destroys a large volume of tissue. Unpleasant side effects of radiation therapy may be caused in part by this dead material as the body attempts to remove it. Vitamin C is needed for proper functioning of a group of liver enzymes concerned with the detoxification and disposal of noxious substances.Vitamin C protects both the skin and bone marrow from damage caused by irradiation.Animals receiving vitamin C need only half as much radiation to attain a 40 day survival rate compared to animals not receiving vitamin C.

–    Reduces cancer pain(taking at least 10g/day)- Dr. Linus Pauling noted that, “Patients who were on morphine for pain could be taken off their morphine in five days.”

HIGH vitamin C intake is part of the Rath Cellular Solution – which should be part of any cancer treatment plan to prevent cancer fromspreading (metasases), provided there is no conflict with other protocols used.

Rath Cellular Solution

Vitamin C –“God's medicine”

Reference: “Cancer and Vitamin C”, a book by Dr. Ewan Cameron and Dr. Linus Pauling.

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